Our Vision

At TCPinpoint we love property, and we love beautiful business tools.  We also believe the way property is delivered should be an iterative process, always improving.

TCPinpoint is a web-based platform designed to help teams collaborate to create amazing spaces – the kinds of spaces people want to spend time in. Born from founder Rachel’s experience in retail construction coordination, it reflects our passion for building reliable tools to realise property developers’ vision.

We are building the best collaboration platform on the globe.  Our vision is to bring millions of property people together to create the spaces we inhabit every day.

Our Mission

Our Mission at TCPinpoint is always changing .  Why?  Because we are always changing.  TCP started as an idea and our Founder, Rachel in 2016.  We won some grants, sought some investment, went through an accelerator program and found our rad developer lead, Oli.  By the end of 2016 we had released our MVP and attracted our first customer.

Rachel’s always wanted to create a work place where people actually want to come to work.  She’s a bit of a nurturer but also wants people to succeed in their jobs, be challenged, rewarded and ensure they can see they are making a difference.

We don’t want our people to fear making a mistake.  As a result we will celebrate mistakes, and digest how we can learn from them.  We want positivity, energy and enthusiasm and the odd random act of workplace happiness goes a long way (I’ve stolen that from Intercom, but we highly agree!).

Each new hire adds a new perspective on solving problems, are inquisitive and has the ability to push TCPinpoint into the future.