Getting Started

Getting Started with TCPinpoint is easy!

The preferred browser for best User Experience is Chrome.  Simply Google ‘download Chrome’ or go to to download it on to your device.

Rest assured we are constantly working to ensure a great user experience in other browers.  If you are experiencing any difficulties,  please email us at

Go to and click on Sign In.  This will take you to the Sign In page.  Proceed to in put your details.  A User must have been added to a Project by the Owner of the Property first.

We recommend you Bookmark this page for future use! If you forget your password, that’s okay. Click on ‘Forgotten your password?’ and we’ll help you out.

If this is your first invitation to TCPinpoint you will get an email welcoming you to the platform.  Click on the invitation to the Project and the User will be taken to the screen which will enable them to choose their password and confirm their details.

Starting a Project

Starting a Project on TCPinpoint is quick and easy once the Property has been defined.  We enable you to capture vital leasing information, define timelines and store important documents & communications to ensure accuracy of your records over time.

Completing a Task

All Users are given Tasks to complete as part of the pre-defined workflow.  These Tasks can be seen in the Tabs across the top of the Project (tenancy) screen.

You will receive an email advising you when your Task is required to be completed and a notification within the app.  Click on the ‘View Task’ button to take you to the Task modal within the Project.

What's in a dashboard?

Our new home dashboards list all current Properties and Projects you have been invited to.  There is easier access to our User Guide and You Tube channel, a list of all the recent documents uploaded across your projects and our @tcpinpoint Twitter feed to enable us to keep our Users up to date with the platform.

Facilities Inspections

Recording the state of a tenancy over time is vital to the ability to fully understand your asset.  We enable owners of shopping centres to accurately reflect what facilities are within what tenancies with our facilities inspection feature.

Ledgers + Approvals

Capturing financial data in relation to tenancy delivery is vital to the success of your project.  Fast approvals mean ease of progress and opening on time with all budgets in tact.