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Changelog 23.01.2020

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  • Project Page / Document Library: visual changes to project library navigation
  • Task page: ‘close task’ button is only available to users that are responsible for a task and/or are project administrator
  • Task page: ‘edit task’ button is only available to users that are project administrator


  • Task page / Conditions: ‘undo’ button on condition rows was throwing a false positive
  • Project Page/ Document Library: task document views not clearing when clicking between phases
  • Project Page/ Document Library: document number data points would change value when navigating folder structure
  • Project Page/ Document Library: could not access documents that had been uploaded to correspondence from within project document folder structure on tasks with no documents attached to conditions
  • Project Page/ Team Members: removing team members from the project was re-adding the team member to the ‘invites’ table
  • Project Page/ Team Members: removing team members was throwing an error

Beta Access Only

  • Portfolio Insights Tab / Phase Status Report: Report now displays a legend for interpreting status icons
  • Portfolio Insights Tab / Phase Status Report: Report now displays a percentage complete progress bar for each project

TCPinpoint chosen in first cohort of companies set to change Asia’s real estate sector

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ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA – 22 JANUARY 2020 – RealTechX, an innovation program that supports emerging technology businesses in the real estate sector, has just announced TCPinpoint as one of 12 applicants successfully invited to be a part of their 2020 inaugural growth program.

TCPinpoint Founder and CEO Rachel Kidwell said, “TCPinpoint has positioned itself such that the RealTechX program has come in at the right time for our business. With our focus on trust, collaboration and automation, we feel that we can help these businesses create immediate efficiencies going forward.”

A total of 182 applicants applied for the program from more than 22 countries. RealTechX supports late-stage growth businesses that have a successful track record of implementation and are positioned to have an immediate impact on the real estate sector. The program begins at the end of January 2020 for a period of five months, and will provide the 12 growth businesses market access to corporate partners and will participate in a structured program focussed on growth and global expansion. 

The corporate partners currently secured are: Dexus, ISPT, Lendlease, Australian Unity and PGIM Real Estate, along with support from Commonwealth Department of Industry, Innovation and Science. They are seeking to differentiate their portfolios through the use of technology and implement new innovations in their assets and businesses across the Australasia region. 

Jonathan Hannam, Managing Partner, Taronga Ventures, said the program has been designed to bridge the gap between corporate real estate owners and the emerging businesses that are now targeting the real estate sector.

“The global real estate and built environment sector is evolving rapidly and this was an incredibly challenging process as the caliber of applications was so high. With each of the twelve applicants we have identified companies that can be quickly implemented and deliver immediate returns,” Mr Hannam said.

About TCPinpoint
TCPinpoint is a web-based platform designed to help teams collaborate to create amazing spaces – the kind of spaces people want to spend time in. Born from founder Rachel’s experience retail construction coordination, it reflects our passion for building reliable tools to realise property developers’ vision. 

Changelog 2019-12-12

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  • ‘Security’ icon added to project correspondence tab (tab view-able by project administrators only)


  • Ability to edit key dates in an open project has been temporarily disabled
  • The facility to ‘zip and download’ multiple documents from a document library (via ‘download’ button) has been restored to document libraries


  • Icons removed from tabbed workspaces (except for security icon on admin-only tabs)


  • Zip download documents was anonymising the file names; zip downloaded documents now retail their original file names
  • Downloading individual PDF documents was anonymising the file names; downloaded individual documents now retail their original file names

Beta Access Only

  • Portfolio Insights Tab now contains a report called ‘Project Comments Report’, which lists the single most recent comment from the correspondence tab for each project in the portfolio
  • Project Comments Report can be downloaded as CSV and PDF

Adelaide Airport Redevelopment Brands Announced

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Architect’s impression of the new Penfold’s tenancy fitout

After many months of coordinating the first stage release of tenancies for the Adelaide Airport Terminal Expansion, the news is out!

Fantastic brands and experiences are coming to Adelaide Airport in 2020. The team at TCPinpoint are proud to be coordinating the delivery of these tenancies using our cloud based software springing new life to the gateway to South Australia.

Amongst the brands announced are Penfolds, Maggie Beer and Masterchef duo Callum Hann and Poh Ling Yeow, reported The Advertiser on 29 November 2019. Download the full article here.

“TCPinpoint have been applying their tenancy coordination software across the retail development and have seen positive uptake via the Tenants and their designers and shopfitters as they start to bring their tenancies to life”, reported Rachel Kidwell, CEO and Founder of TC Pinpoint and experienced retail tenancy delivery expert.

We are pleased to see and hear positive feedback from the industry, including this from Katherine Kemp, of Zwei Architects who are designing a number of tenancies coming in to the Airport on behalf of Delaware North:

TCPinpoint has enabled the team to communicate together across the build either as conversations or formal submissions. The software allows us to work to a common calendar and align on the delivery of the sites. It is simple to use and the support has been excellent.

Katherine Kemp, Zwei Architects

As the development transforms the gateway into South Australia across the coming months, we look forward to bringing you updates as the new look tenancies open for trade.

Changelog 2019-12-05

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  • Documents in documents libraries list in in reverse chronological order (of upload date) in default view
  • Phone numbers are formatted idiomatically
  • Addresses are formatted idiomatically
  • Download button on document collections has been removed until zip downloading access issue is fixed


  • Project workflows display a ‘percentage complete’ bar on the workflow tab of a project show page
  • Project/Task Document folders now have a section called ‘other attachments’ to show documents uploaded to task correspondence
  • Sort/ filter control added to users’ global tasks list


  • Documents could not be viewed by new users who had been added to existing projects
  • ‘x’ button on the ‘+’ document upload modal to a correspondence did not close the modal
  • New projects were rolling out with the ‘start project’ task detached from the dependency tree
  • Tasks in a project workflow were not reliably listing out in order of schedule (within their respective phases)
  • News feed on home page wasn’t loading
  • Re-opening a closed task should not clear the accept condition response
  • Clicking on the ‘tasks behind’ from the dashboard was taking the user to a list of their tasks, not just the tasks that are behind

Beta Access Only

  • Portfolio Insights tab now has a ‘fit out period timeline’ report available