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TCPinpoint Aid Security by Implementing SSO

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Adelaide-Based PropTech company TCPinpoint rolled out single sign-on (SSO) to its users in late March.  

SSO is becoming standard practice across the web, making password security safer and easier for everyone. With SSO, TCPinpoint will no longer store users’ passwords. In future, users will also be able to sign in with other accounts, such as Google, Microsoft Active Directory and Okta, making for a more streamlined login experience and easier account management. It also means TCPinpoint will be able to explore further integrations, helping to make TCPinpoint a more powerful platform for its users.

CTO Oli Young says that SSO is an important step towards greater data security for TCPinpoint. “Releasing this SSO is a big change, this is not something a company of our size would normally do, security is a big thing for this industry. SSO positions us as being secure and security focused” he said.

As a cloud-based tenancy delivery platform, TCPinpoint relies on Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) to provide its infrastructure and platform security. The ISO9001 standards compliant AWS is world renowned for its reliability and security.

“People want to trust us with really important data, the more security we can implement, the better” Oli said.

“We take security seriously, to provide users with the best possible services, it helps us and our clients, making it easier for them and mitigating risks associated with security” Oli said.

Media Contact:
Rachel Kidwell


Adelaide Airport Engages TCPinpoint for $165m Development Project

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Adelaide, South Australia, 12/11/2018Adelaide-Based startup tech company TCPinpoint have been engaged to work with the $165m Adelaide Airport Development, which is projected for completion in 2021.

TCPinpoint will provide tenancy delivery services using their cloud-based tenancy delivery platform, which was  born from CEO Rachel Kidwell’s desire to deliver tenancies more efficiently, and reduce risk associated with the process of tenancy delivery.

“We will utilise our software to enable the core project team to have one version of the truth in relation to the delivery status of retail tenancies”, Rachel says.

The $165 million expansion of the main terminal will significantly upgrade international arrivals and departures, and create more retail and dining options for both domestic and international travellers.

“We’re piloting this with the Adelaide Airport development as a potential to build a global product specifically targeted for airport development” Rachel said.

“By nature airports have a captive audience which makes them the perfect environment for retail,” she said.

Under the new development, the retail areas will be expanded and refurbished throughout the terminal, resulting in a more than 80 per cent increase in the overall size of the terminal’s retail and dining precinct.

“We’re excited to be working on one of Adelaide’s biggest property development projects over the next two years,” Rachel said.

Media Contact:
Rachel Kidwell

Download Media Release as PDF

September 2018 Release

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Diary Entries on Tasks

  • Users can add ‘diary entries’ to tasks
  • Users can @mention other users in diary entries
  • Users are prompted to leave a diary entry when closing tasks

Email Notifications

  • Users receive email when someone replies to their diary entry
  • Users receive email when they receive a private message
  • Users receive email when a document is uploaded to a task they are party to
  • Users receive email when a task they are party to is closed
  • Users receive email when when they are @mentioned in a diary entry

Activity and Notifications

  • Contextual activity feed widgets on user dashboard, property show, project show, task show and document show
  • Global navigation item for Notifications added
  • Global Notifications nav item shows 10 most recent activity feed items (clickable) for all contexts when clicked
  • Global Notifications nav item highlights red when there are unread notifications

User Interface

  • Icons added to workspace tabs in project show and template show


  • Users can add custom property in project create



  • Task edit – removed ability to change task name in active project
  • Task edit – removed ability to override task date in active project
  • Rent fields removed from project create and project show

Team Members

  • Duplicate Tenancy Coordinator roles removed from Role dropdown choices

Template Create

  • Removed Reports tab from template builder



  • Project Document Library – phase folders appearing out of order
  • Project Document Library – ‘No phases’ found issue
  • Project Insights – Project Completeness graph phases appearing out of order


  • Project Document Library – documents not appearing
  • JPEG document preview issue

Other Bugs and Issues

  • Search facility bugs
  • Task assignment bugs
  • Dashboard cards and links bugs
  • Task close bugs
  • Template create bugs
  • Project Creator task not actionable
  • Project duplicates in projects list on template show
  • Hover behavior when direct messaging people from sidebar cards
  • Font Awesome icon errors


  • ‘Comments’ facility changed to ‘diary entries’
  • Task close behaviour – ‘close’ or ‘close and leave a diary entry’
  • Order of Workspace Tabs: 1. workflows/project list 2. documents 3. team members 4.insights
  • Breadcrumbs – reinstated link to Property
  • Slipping projects represented by orange status circle
  • Task Edit on active project – users can copy team members on active task by name
  • Global navigation item for tasks re-introduced
  • Project Insights shows name of template used
  • Project Insights shows property location map
  • Permissions widgets – items rolled up
  • Active users receive emails for the following 5 events only: private message, @mention, reply to diary entry, task close, document uploaded.

August 2018 Release

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Read the Announcement Post


  • Authorities added with appropriate permissions: property administrator, project owner, project administrator, project party
  • Documents can be pinned to project library to indicate their importance
  • In project create, users are asked for dates for phases marked as milestones in the template
  • Phase and task-based folders added to project libraries
  • Project Libraries display documents by what tasks and phases they were uploaded to
  • Project ‘business days over/under’ status indicator has been added to project header, in reference to milestone dates set by the project and the templates
  • Project workflows display text ‘mine’ for tasks user is responsible for
  • Project workflows display text ‘cc’ for tasks user is copied on
  • Status indicator displays as per waterfall based on vital phase status
  • Template Lookup on Project Create screen now displays the kind of template, the date it was created and the user who created it
  • Template Builder, Project Create and Project Workspace now include sidebar widget linking to appropriate knowledge base help articles
  • Users can define whether a phase is a ‘milestone phase’
  • Users can now edit template descriptions and tags
  • Documents may only be uploaded by project parties to tasks within projects
  • Documents may only be uploaded to properties by property administrators
  • Tabbed views on project and property pages
  • ‘Activities’ are created after an action on a resource
  • Activity feed widgets on all resources display all activities relevant to that feed and that users’ permissions
  • Allow Users to create or select a predefined message to send when closing a task
  • Permissions widget in resource sidebars displaying who has what permissions


  • Removed Approvals button on document preview page
  • Approvals UI has been retired
  • Inspections UI has been retired
  • Tenancies UI has been retired
  • Ledgers UI has been retired
  • Leases UI has been retired
  • Notifications from task create in template builder removed


  • Ledgers cannot be created without a name
  • When building out a new Project, interface shows the ‘Trading As’ name, not the Lessor name
  • Properties are not fixed to project kind
  • Template View accurately reflects which projects the template has been applied to – in ‘projects’ sidebar widget
  • Issue with people not assigning to new projects resolved
  • Users can log in to a single account on multiple devices concurrently
  • User is forced to re-login after their session expires
  • Fixed Loading state error when reopening task
  • Users with no authority or permissions for any tasks on a project cannot view that project
  • Fixed issue with dragging phases in template builder
  • Phone number not being recorded against tentant when unput on the project create


  • Only project owner or administrator can invite people to project (project parties)
  • Property library user interface updated
  • Project library user interface updated
  • Phases in the templated builder are fixed – they can be added but not deleted
  • Project Create no longer uses modals – users are presented with all options without being taken out of the form
  • User Interface and Experience improvements on Project Create sections to clearly show which sections are complete and incomplete
  • Creating a tenancy in project create now only asks questions relevant to the kind of project being created
  • The first action in Project Create is to select the template
  • Templates are tagged with ‘kind’ depending on initial selection, which informs fields on project create
  • Role-based permissions updated
  • A document that a user does not have permissions for is not visible to that user
  • A task that a user does not have permissions for is visible to that user but not clickable
  • Header banner cards on document, task, property and project page is now full-width
  • Internal reference in Project Create is now a non-mandatory field
  • Marking a Task as complete : change words from ‘Ok’ to “Mark this Task as Complete” – and add a button that says ‘Take me back to my Project’.
  • Templates now have pre-created phases and milestone status based on kind selected
  • Filter/Sort UI Simplified
  • User can choose to CC roles on task in template builder
  • Template graph restored

May 2018 Release

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Read the announcement post


  • Added phone number to ‘People’ hover cards
  • Added a ‘Start Project’ task to every Project
  • Added orange Banner to warn users using an outdated browser
  • Added Completed date to Project Details Card
  • Added Gantt Chart to Project List View
  • Added help text to ‘Assigned To’ on new Task form
  • Added help text to Dependency selection to warn users about not selecting a Dependency
  • Added help text to Description of Conditions
  • Added help text to Description on new Task form
  • Added help text to Name in Condition
  • Added help text to new Phase form
  • Added transition to after new Project is created
  • Allowed Users to increase the number of items in a List
  • Enabled UI so Users to Print Workflow Templates & all associated info (Role, Time, Conditions, Dependencies etc)
  • Implemented Analytics with real-data
  • Implemented Google Graphs
  • Implemented Global Search
  • Live Chat feature
  • Product Updates widget on dashboard


  • Removed ‘Show All’ button on Project Document Library
  • Removed ‘opening scheduled’ and ‘projected’ from project details card
  • Removed buttons that add merge fields to Notifications
  • Removed Description on new Phase form
  • Removed Import/Export from Template
  • Removed Kind from new Task form
  • Removed option to add short messages to new Notifications
  • Removed Workflow ‘kind’ choice from edit modal
  • Removed option for ‘Sharing Tasks’
  • Removed words that auto appear from the previous phase when adding a new phase in the workflow template
  • Removed Required flag on Condition


  • Starting a New Project – choosing from the list of Tenancies causes an error.
  • Amending Templates – clicking on any Template goes to a blank page.
  • Approve button on ledger not working
  • Leaving Comments on Tasks
  • Changing Task Title
  • Closed Tasks not showing as Closed on the front end workflow list
  • Project View Bread Crumb – taking user to blank screen
  • Document Library Expired Notice Clipping
  • Editing Tenant button – taking user to blank screen or loading state
  • Editing a ledger – adjusting the Capped value not saving
  • File Download – files need to keep their original file name
  • New Template button
  • Library JPEGs and PNGs not previewing
  • Missing Notifications
  • Phone number not being recorded despite it being put in when creating the Tenant
  • Project list on Template page not updating
  • Rent payment not being recorded despite being put in when creating the Tenant
  • Roles aren’t assigning to Tasks straight away
  • Starting a new Template – blank screen after adding first phase and task
  • Template – phases and tasks disappearing
  • User Card not appearing on User lists on Tasks
  • Comment emails aren’t being delivered
  • Gantt Chart on Lease page clips Lessee name
  • Comments on tasks – not sending or saving
  • User can’t use the ‘X’ to close window pop up
  • Overdue status being incorrectly calculated


  • Users can see a list of all their Tasks on the dashboard
  • Show current year on all dates
  • Documents on dashboard defaulted to list view
  • Enabled user to delete Ledger line items
  • Users can Delete Notifications in Templates
  • Users can Delete tasks from Phases
  • Users can Delete Tasks in Templates
  • Validation works on new Condition item
  • Validation works on new Notification form
  • Validation works on new Task form
  • Workflow templates can be downloaded as a PDF
  • Indicate Project Complete Status
  • Instructions can be Issued before Project starts
  • Notifications and Conditions dependent on Dependency being added to Task
  • Messages grouped by Project
  • Re-implemented property plans
  • Rent calculations updated to annual (from weekly)
  • Users resturned to the Task after Updating (not Project)
  • Language ‘Closed’ changed to ‘Archived’
  • Language ‘Centre’ changed to ‘Property’
  • Template Navigation Tool only accessible to Project administrator