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Changelog 2019.08.22

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New/ Improved

  • Task diary renamed to ‘correspondence’
  • Project Create Wizard user experience improvements
  • NW-1373 Provide a number of behind tasks on a project to determine project “at risk” status
  • NW-1335 Beta Features should have BETA flags on global navigation
  • NW-1311 As a user I need to be able to access ledgers that have been shared to me
  • NW-1310 Allow user to define project kind separate from tenancy (food, specialty etc)
  • NW-1290 Create new lease from Property Show
  • NW-1286 Orange styles for ‘at risk’ – status colours CSS using at_risk attribute
  • NW-1285 Add “at risk” and “reason at risk” to project attributes
  • NW-1271 Added the Sunburst Component in portfolio #Insights (beta)
  • NW-1269 As a user I want to see the name of the Project an email notification refers to in the email notification header and body of text
  • NW-1233 Show the email address where the project invite was sent now that we don’t ask for Name details
  • NW-273 As a project admin I want to be able to edit my lease data on a project in-flight
  • NW-244 As an Authority User I want to be able to edit my lease details
  • NW-190 As a team member, I want to be able to upload documents to a task that aren’t related to conditions
  • NW-68 As a team member, I want to be able to cancel a document upload in progress

Defects Resolved

  • NW-1425 Some task rows in users’ active tasks list were not referencing project name and property name
  • NW-1404 Uploading documents not completing conditions
  • NW-1400 Errors when uploading documents to task diary
  • NW-1387 OS X in night mode fades out labels in signup
  • NW-1368 ‘Add a file from your computer’ z index
  • NW-1344 ‘x’ button not working when starting a project to remove date already inputted
  • NW-1322 Task lists: old tasks from removed projects appear to still be showing in User’s Tasks list
  • NW-1320 Diary notes are not showing in chronological order and new diary notes are being left at the top of the page, instead of the bottom
  • NW-1315 The ‘x’ at the Tenancy step of the project create screen does not work, user can not cancel out of this Tenancy
  • NW-1304 Invitation hangovers still occurring on the Project Team Member tab even when a Team Member has accepted the invitation
  • NW-1301 Name of project is still not referencing on email notifications
  • NW-1300 The ability to remove Users from a Task seems to be missing
  • NW-1299 Team Member was removed as from Project but still showing as Responsible / Spectators on Tasks
  • NW-1298 I chose to close this comment ‘without comment’ and the system added a blank comment anyway
  • NW-1270 When viewing the Property documents via a Project Documents tab, previously deleted Property documents are still showing on the front end when viewed through the Project Documents tab
  • NW-1254 Previewing images isn’t working as it should
  • NW-1229 List the PROJECT NAME on email notifications
  • NW-1188 ‘You’ve been added’ email showing an error on the project name
  • NW-1177 When starting a project and choosing ‘Existing Tenancy’ the field relating to Tenancy Kind is missing
  • NW-1154 Task permission icons seem to have gone amiss … showing different icons for what should be ‘Mine’
  • NW-1121 Email notifications when a parent task is closed ready for the dependent task user to be notified not sending
  • NW-819 When a document doesn’t upload completely, no error messages are thrown
  • NW-728 Closing Tasks isn’t updating the ‘My Tasks’ number on the dashboard or Task list


Changelog 2019.07.01

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New/ Improved

  • NW-1246 List email addresses on team member invites on project show page
  • NW-1236 Optimise the API router path by adding :id
  • NW-1146 Reinstate ‘share’ button in template header toolbar
  • NW-1142 Users can upload non-condition related documents to task diaries
  • NW-1077 Team Member roles on the Task Page show their role under their name

Defects Resolved

  • NW-1265 Invalid lease stopping project from being trashed
  • NW-1243 Archiving projects not working
  • NW-1227 Can’t remove items from list groups in template
  • NW-1197 Email notifications still being sent after team members were removed from a project
  • NW-1194 Document link previews
  • NW-1193 Trash project button not working as it should.
  • NW-1190 Task page status colour is not truly reflective of ahead / behind status
  • NW-1182 Task row statistics – conditions aren’t reflecting true status
  • NW-1181 Close task pop up modal is missing the words leave diary entry / don’t leave diary entry
  • NW-1173 When a User is removed from a project, they need to be removed from their Tasks
  • NW-1169 Team Member contact information is not showing on some tasks
  • NW-1164 Permissions issues
  • NW-1151 This Project should show as over due given the Key Date is showing as over due
  • NW-1133 Comment activity is not showing on the task lines of the project page

Changelog 2019.06.03

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  • NW-1037 Phone numbers and email addresses on team member rows view-able by admins only
  • NW-1047 Global navigation in Masthead should highlight active item
  • NW-1088 As a User I’d like to see the first 25 words in the email notification that I’ve been @messaged about in TCP.
  • NW-1090 Task rows should use ListGroupItem component
  • NW-1098 Issue email to user when a condition changes on a task they are responsible for
  • NW-1100 Features should be able to be turned on and off for users
  • NW-590 A User should be able to reset their password
  • NW-595 A user should be able to sign in with a username and password
  • NW-820 “On a mobile, I want to access my project list”
  • NW-821 “On a mobile, I want to click into a project and see my tasks”
  • NW-831 When accessing a template I’d like to ‘copy as’ and rename it to another Template to make changes and roll out on another project / property
  • NW-841 Deleting a Task in a workflow template needs an ‘are you sure’ question before proceeding.
  • NW-921 Allow users to delete templates
  • NW-967 As a user I want to be able to see who has read & downloaded documents and when
  • NW-971 Starting new projects: Tenant screen (Step 4) please add a Tenant contact line here
  • NW-1036 Aconex Integration Functional Spec
  • NW-1038 Lease tenancy number should display in header
  • NW-1039 Released portfolio feature to develop branch
  • NW-1040 “Create new portfolio” functionality
  • NW-1043 Change ‘forgotten your password’ language to ‘reset password’ language on login screen
  • NW-1085 Template Tests
  • NW-1095 Permissions widget needs a scroll bar for when the list is getting very long.
  • NW-1107 “Task page: please swap the tabs on the task page to show Diary first, then Conditions.”
  • NW-1116 Key Dates Unclickable by anyone but the Project Administrator
  • NW-261 Review caching issues – how can we ensure the cache is cleared when updates go through?
  • NW-484 Mobile View: Project listings
  • NW-485 Mobile view: Task Listings
  • NW-486 Mobile View: Project workflow list – as for Tasks Lists – reformatting to enable one view across the width of the phone view
  • NW-487 Mobile view: Task page view. Enable Title of Task to be at the top of the page view
  • NW-774 “In project lists, projects should be listed by project then property”
  • NW-844 When someone is added to a Project, they need to receive an email saying “”x”” has added you to ‘y’ project on ‘z’ property. Log in here to access this project.
  • NW-872 Add a Tenant Representative contact name field to the Tenant step in the project workflow process.
  • NW-951 Issue email to user when they are @mentioned
  • NW-952 Issue email to user when their comment is replied to
  • NW-953 Issue email to user when they are added to a new project (existing users)
  • NW-954 Issue email to user when someone comments on a task they are responsible for
  • NW-955 Issue email to user when the last parent of a task they own is closed

Resolved Defects

  • NW-1016 Role selection in a template Team Member tab isn’t sticking.
  • NW-1017 Please enable the Suburb/Town field to work in the starting new project Step 4 – Tenant page.
  • NW-1019 “When in the project diary and trying to @ mention a fellow project administrator, their names are not in the drop down list.”
  • NW-1066 Project Page should load portfolios independently
  • NW-1079 Login failed on Microsoft Edge
  • NW-1083 As Project Creator I can’t click on these tasks when I should be able to
  • NW-1097 Team Member access to this Task has not been applied
  • NW-1103 PDF preview icons out of whack across this release
  • NW-1105 Document History not reflecting User’s name who read / downloaded
  • NW-1110 The Filter Tasks by ‘Yours’ or others is not working as it should
  • NW-1111 The number view in the Document folder view appears to be misaligned
  • NW-1112 The ability to remove / resend invitations has been lost on the Project Team Member page.
  • NW-1114 The phone numbers for the Team Members on a project have disappeared. Please reinstate.
  • NW-784 I’m unable to choose a suburb in the address field when starting a project – for the address of the Tenant.
  • NW-835 Address auto picker not working on starting a new project – putting in tenant’s address.
  • NW-843 Iam unable to click on any task that I have permission to and view the task page
  • NW-850 “Navigation bar: The highlighter seems to be stuck under Projects’ – whether I’m on the Home page, the Templates, Properties or Tasks page”
  • NW-958 iPad view lost global header.
  • NW-983 This email notification went to a User who is not a party to the Task. Please review.
  • NW-991 Key Dates: not connecting to the right Tasks.

Changelog 2019.05.30

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  • NW-33 permitted users can re-open a closed task
  • NW-56 line in the task diary indicating when a task was closed
  • NW-690 “Project Groups” are “Portfolios”
  • NW-703 Every “resource_show” screen has insights
  • NW-738 ‘undismiss’ a condition
  • NW-926 News Feed highlight on comment lines
  • NW-928 Rewrite API calls to use AWS Amplify
  • NW-943 Task page UX/UI improvements
  • NW-986 Document Preview handles more filetypes
  • NW-987 Redirect users attempting to access condition urls to the task url
  • NW-988 Ability to markup an image to leave comments for other users
  • NW-989 Project team members’ mobile phone numbers accessible from the Team Member tab
  • NW-993 Match production web to match database changes

Defects Fixed

  • NW-719 Adding users to resource permission should reload the resource immediately
  • NW-784 Unable to choose a suburb in the address field when starting a project – for the address of the Tenant.
  • NW-799 “startedByUser” project attribute does not seem to be working
  • NW-808 Reformatting required on the Permissions resource across all pages
  • NW-857 Project page Activity feeds defects
  • NW-860 Filtering Projects – ‘unknown’ label
  • NW-866 Archive feature isn’t working as it should
  • NW-874 Document delete button is missing
  • NW-884 User name (actor) on a met yes/no condition is not showing up in the condition row
  • NW-888 The ‘Started By Me’ Filter via the Projects list isn’t working as it should
  • NW-889 Team Members tab performance issues
  • NW-892 Clicking on the Building name on the Building tab on this property caused grey screen
  • NW-917 Those Projects that I’ve previously trashed, the Tasks still seem to be sitting in my ‘Task’ list
  • NW-929 Missing breadcrumb link on Task page
  • NW-932 The ‘OK” button the edit Task function isn’t working as it should
  • NW-939 Initial icons throwing a weird example of initials
  • NW-946 Restore IE11 support
  • NW-950 Cannot edit expiry dates on documents
  • NW-964 Document uploading performance issues
  • NW-978 Project create fails when base rent is null
  • NW-981 Editing a Task modal: The ability to ‘copy to’ someone has disappeared
  • NW-995 The News Feed on the dashboard not loading
  • NW-996 Team Members on a Portfolio: as Users are added to Projects on a Portfolio their name, role company and mobile needs to be listed on the Team Members’ Portfolio page
  • NW-997 Starting a new project: I clicked on ‘Start My Project’, the thinking wheel went through, the first page I saw was back was the final stage of starting a project page
  • NW-1004 Team Members on all Resources are not showing
  • NW-1008 I’m the project admin, but I don’t have permissions for all tasks
  • NW-1010 Inconsistencies between conditions on task page and condition info in task row datapoints
  • NW-1012 Project folder datapoints are showing wacky data for non-document conditions/ dismissed conditions

TCPinpoint Aid Security by Implementing SSO

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Adelaide-Based PropTech company TCPinpoint rolled out single sign-on (SSO) to its users in late March.  

SSO is becoming standard practice across the web, making password security safer and easier for everyone. With SSO, TCPinpoint will no longer store users’ passwords. In future, users will also be able to sign in with other accounts, such as Google, Microsoft Active Directory and Okta, making for a more streamlined login experience and easier account management. It also means TCPinpoint will be able to explore further integrations, helping to make TCPinpoint a more powerful platform for its users.

CTO Oli Young says that SSO is an important step towards greater data security for TCPinpoint. “Releasing this SSO is a big change, this is not something a company of our size would normally do, security is a big thing for this industry. SSO positions us as being secure and security focused” he said.

As a cloud-based tenancy delivery platform, TCPinpoint relies on Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) to provide its infrastructure and platform security. The ISO9001 standards compliant AWS is world renowned for its reliability and security.

“People want to trust us with really important data, the more security we can implement, the better” Oli said.

“We take security seriously, to provide users with the best possible services, it helps us and our clients, making it easier for them and mitigating risks associated with security” Oli said.

Media Contact:
Rachel Kidwell


Adelaide Airport Engages TCPinpoint for $165m Development Project

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Adelaide, South Australia, 12/11/2018Adelaide-Based startup tech company TCPinpoint have been engaged to work with the $165m Adelaide Airport Development, which is projected for completion in 2021.

TCPinpoint will provide tenancy delivery services using their cloud-based tenancy delivery platform, which was  born from CEO Rachel Kidwell’s desire to deliver tenancies more efficiently, and reduce risk associated with the process of tenancy delivery.

“We will utilise our software to enable the core project team to have one version of the truth in relation to the delivery status of retail tenancies”, Rachel says.

The $165 million expansion of the main terminal will significantly upgrade international arrivals and departures, and create more retail and dining options for both domestic and international travellers.

“We’re piloting this with the Adelaide Airport development as a potential to build a global product specifically targeted for airport development” Rachel said.

“By nature airports have a captive audience which makes them the perfect environment for retail,” she said.

Under the new development, the retail areas will be expanded and refurbished throughout the terminal, resulting in a more than 80 per cent increase in the overall size of the terminal’s retail and dining precinct.

“We’re excited to be working on one of Adelaide’s biggest property development projects over the next two years,” Rachel said.

Media Contact:
Rachel Kidwell

Download Media Release as PDF