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Unit Delivery Cycle by Role

Digitize and streamline your role specific project cycle management workflows with TCPinpoint.

Development Manager - TCPinpoint

Development Manager

Stay informed with real time access to project status reports and powerful dashboards.

Project Manager - TCPinpoint

Project Manager

Apply project controls, manage risk and track key tasks and milestones.

Tenancy Coordinator - TCPinpoint

Tenancy Coordinator

Define re-usable workflow templates, share critical documents and guide stakeholders through the tenancy delivery process.

Retail Design Manager - TCPinpoint

Retail Design & Delivery Manager

Collaborate with tenant designers, services engineers and shopfitters to bring your vision to life.

Shopfitter - TCPinpoint


Manage the build process efficiently with direct access to relevant induction information, asset based methodologies and diagrams.

Leasing Executive Admin - TCPinpoint

Leasing Executive/Admin

Govern commercial agreements and relationships with direct access to current lease information and status reports.

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Both new developments and operational malls involve complex processes, multiple stakeholders, and the sharing of critical documents. That’s why we built a cloud based platform that brings your team together, streamlines your workflow, tracks key milestones and creates transparency across your portfolio.

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TCPinpoint partners with UAE technology distributor MediaLogic - TCPinpoint

Our Partners

We welcome MediaLogic into the TCP community as our representatives based in the UAE.

The new partnership in the UAE with Medialogic, will enable customers to take advantage of having support in the same timezone, speed and implementation from a company that is on the ground and understands the market and its culture.

“The MENA office of the Department for Trade and Investment, through Regional Director MENA and India, Sidharth Mehta, has provided exceptional insights into the market across all of our exploration visits,” said Ms Rachel Kidwell, Founder of TCPinpoint.

“Our initial main focus was to identify opportunities in-market to understand how to best work with the intricacies of the market and ensure we can align ourselves with their needs whilst educating them on the benefits we provide.

“Medialogic is focused on helping clients accelerate their digital transformation,” said Mr Rajesh Moily ,CEO of Medialogic.

“TCPinpoint’s solution offers an excellent opportunity to solve fundamental pain points and help our clients build efficiencies, save costs and simplify retail delivery and tenancy management.”

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Ilona Rose, Head of Retail at Adelaide Airport

Customer Case Study

“When managing a complex project worth $200M, along with expected delays, change of personnel, and potential compromise of our IP, we heavily relied on TCP to help us not lose the knowledge along the way.

A solution like TCP saves income. It’s a time saver and saves the sanity of your project team. Not only that, TCP has been born from the experience living through the delivery of retail projects”

 - TCPinpoint

Anthony Perugini, Contract Administrator at Myka McDonald's Project Fitout

Customer Case Study

“To come into the project mid-fit out with various delays with start dates etc, with various stakeholder and personnel changes along the way, from a builder’s perspective, TCPinpoint was great in terms of obtaining the relevant information,regarding specialist contractors and critical project base building information.

Having a centralised system for access to real-time information along with the ability to track project progress at any given time is a valuable thing.”

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See the platform trusted by leading property companies.