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Focussed. Determined. Optimistic.

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When reflecting on what’s driven my eleven years in the construction industry, including the past eighteen months as Founder of an industry tech company, three words come to mind: focussed; determined; optimistic. They describe not only the reasons I am where I am, but the choices I’ve made along the way.

A ten-year ‘gap year’ took me across a number of jobs and, more importantly, independent travel around the world. Travel frees the spirit, and mine enabled me to truly find out who I was. Professionally, I was always looking for more, never happy with the administrative roles to which I was accustomed. I realised I would need to study to create the opportunities I wanted for myself, and chose Interior Architecture.

This is where ‘focussed’ comes in. It was a tough gig, as a mature age student up against all those smart and savvy school leavers, to get through four years of full-time study. It’s sustained focus for six weeks at a time, working hard between many mid-semester breaks and then a long Summer!  Focus enables you to pay attention in the midst of the myriad of distractions and setbacks that can occur whilst studying.  It enables sustained effort and energy needed to reach a goal.   This is relevant to so many aspects of our lives and when this is applied to study it is a constant reminder of why you’re doing it and where it will take you into the future.  In my case I knew it would open so many more doors for me and I was willing to see where it would take me.

It was in my third year at uni that one of my lecturers, Andrew Wallace, changed my direction with just two words: Project Management. That, I thought, was right up my alley. A work experience stint with Savant Project Management ensued, followed by paid employment with the then Thinc Projects, post-graduation, in 2006. While I was with Thinc Projects, a director, Jack Apostolou, suggested I would be great at retail tenancy coordination. They had a significant retail pipeline at the time, and I thought ‘why not?’ It seemed something I could get my teeth into and really own it.

Many shopping centre developments followed before, in 2009, I realised I needed greater flexibility. Following the birth of my first daughter in 2008, as they do for many women, my priorities changed and I looked for support to set myself up for success in the juggle that follows having children. I never wanted to give one up over the other, but I learnt early on to surround myself with positive and supportive role models to make sure this happened.

And this is where ‘determined’ kicks in. Starting my own consultancy, Kidwell Coordination, in 2009, enabled me the flexibility to spend with my daughter, but it also challenged me to back myself, to find my own jobs through what was then a much smaller network. I had a strong belief in myself that I could make it work., but the road was tough, full of self-doubt and concerns. With a fabulous husband – who is always on my side and cheering for my success – I found my first client, and the second and the third. Going in and out of projects worked for my lifestyle. I delivered many tenancies at Adelaide Central Plaza before working on the Rundle Place development, which then lead to the Brickworks Marketplace and Munno Para Town Centre developments with Woolworths.

The resilience that is built with the many knock-backs and challenges of self-employment has always enabled me to bounce back and keep trying. Resilience is a learned skill, like a muscle – we can build it over time. It also enables us to take charge of our own future. My advice to my children will always be ‘determine your own future by the choices you make.’ Take full responsibility and own it.

I’ve included ‘optimistic’ as a key trait for many reasons: because being an entrepreneur is hard.; because being the mother of a chronically ill child is hard.; because solving problems no one else wants to tackle is hard. But it appears I wouldn’t have it any other way. Optimism in business means an ability to laugh when things get difficult, to zoom out and really nut out the best way forward, to be able to regroup when one path is closed and find another way. When I identified a real problem within the tenancy delivery industry, I decided to focus 100% on the development of TCPinpoint in an effort to solve that problem. I knew that while I would take that task very seriously, optimism and good humour would be needed, or I would be totally overwhelmed and never start.

The culmination of eleven years in the property industry has enabled TCPinpoint to reflect these three traits.  We enable teams to focus on the task at hand whilst keeping an eye on what is required for the future success of their projects.  We are determined to help solve problems the property industry is facing and propel our customers into the future with intuitive digital solutions to empower them to create amazing spaces.  We are optimistic that we are creating the jobs of the future to go hand in hand with the age old skill of construction to impact our everyday lives.

Staying focussed, being determined to find help along the way, and feeling optimistic that my choices are for a reason – this is what will keep propelling us into the future, with healthy growth and an impact on an industry that affects so many peoples’ lives.


Budgeting for Innovation & Technology

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As the end of the financial year looms, budgets have been reviewed, assessed and approved for the upcoming financial year.  How many of you included an innovation line item in your budgets?

We all know how vital budgets are for the success of a project and/or an asset and its management.  We all want to make money and ensure sufficient return on investment.

Generally we invest for the long term.  Term deposits, house purchases, shares.  The same principle can be applied for investing in innovation and technology in the property and real estate industries.

As Steve Gatt of KMPG recently said, it’s all about the medium to long term savings when investing in technology in the property industry.  Encouraging directors, asset managers, CEOs to look ahead to ensure those savings is the tough part.  Be brave, look into the future and include that line item!  You can see Steve’s comments here:

‘The New Retail’

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A few articles have come across my screen recently about the future of retail.  There are thousands of opinions out there, but this one in particular caught my attention.

Experience, customise, deliver.  This is the mantra by Dennis Yeo who explains this New Retail beautifully (refer article link below).  Bricks and mortar will never be ‘dead’.  Consumers are looking for an experience.  They still want to feel and touch, basic human nature needs interaction with people.  Yeo speaks about the required supply chain to enable this customisation and the impact this will have on historically industrial areas which have the capacity to create new supply chain centres.   There’s never been a better time to be involved in retail, the changes that are coming are immense.  And it’s so exciting!

Parallel with the retailer to consumer experience is the Landlord to retailer experience.  How do Landlord’s match the experience with the delivery of the tenancy and the multitude of people involved in bringing that tenancy to life.  They need technology, a one point of contact, to enable them to experience, customise their own project to ultimately deliver a new store.

Yeo refers to the collection of big data of the consumers – but where is the big data of the Landlord’s customers – the retailers. Where does this information pertaining to the delivery of what adds value to their assets sit.  At the moment, across a multitude of different servers, laptops, Dropboxes, hard drives.

TCPinpoint collates this data in to one depository enabling ease of future access, creating valuable data that applies to the future of an asset – and apply it to future projects.  TCPinpoint removes that frustrating conversation that starts with ‘where is their approved design’, ‘do you remember that conversation about …’, or ‘where is the signed lease / bank guarantee / public liability insurance certificate’ …

How decidedly refreshing!

Contact us, let’s talk about how we can help with your next development.

Rachel Kidwell



Gotta Get it Done? Get a Checklist. ☑

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I’m a huge fan of lists.  Lists to remind me who to meet with on my next business trip, what to buy at the shops,  how to grow my business.  We have so much in our heads, so much knowledge and technical know how, that sometimes, we just can’t remember it all!  There are a multitude of checklist apps to help you get through your life – personally, I prefer pen and paper.  There’s something about that thought going out of your head, down your arm and out through your fingers with pen on paper that puts it out there to the Universe to make it happen.

I’ve just finished reading The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande (  A guideline to how, by following a simple checklist, we can avoid failure.  By doing so we break down tasks into small steps so as to enable the most complicated of tasks to be pre-defined to enable the best opportunity of success.

The same can be said for construction – we follow a program of works to ensure the foundation goes down before the roof, the electrical cables before the plasterboard – and also for the complex process of retail tenancy coordination.  By virtue of my last 10 years as a tenancy coordinator, I’ve found the complexities of tenancy delivery is in need of an automated, simple, pre-defined workflow (or checklist) tool to ensure all parties involved in the opening of a shop are able to know what they need to do and when they need to do it.

These checklists enable the stakeholders involved in the tenancy delivery process to utilise their voluminous knowledge to be freely exercised without the need to also keep track of when they need to complete their required tasks.

This is what TCPinpoint brings to the Construction industry.  A new way of working, a new way of storing and creating big data.  TCPinpoint empowers the project delivery team to enable all stakeholders to have their own checklist to ensure the best opportunity for successful tenancy delivery.

Drop me a line at to see how we can help your team prepare their tenancy delivery checklist.

Rachel Kidwell

CEO & Founder