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Tenancy Coordinator

Opening a retail or commercial tenancy can be complex, but it should not be difficult. Improve productivity and transparency of the lease to open process with optimised workflows and clearly defined roles and responsibilities for project tasks.

Templates - TCPinpoint


Save time by creating re-usable workflow templates to automate the creation of projects and assigning roles and responsibilities for tasks.

Collaborate - TCPinpoint


Promote stakeholder collaboration, knowledge sharing and improved access to key information with task based comment functionality.

Task Management - TCPinpoint

Task Management

Clearly define the responsibilities for project tasks, assign ToDos and stay on track with daily automated email briefings.

Workflows Feature - TCPinpoint

Workflows tailored to your property

Workflows are the foundation of your tenancy delivery process. They clearly define the tasks, roles, responsibilities and key milestone dates as well as provide a visual snapshot of project progress.

Use workflows to guide stakeholders through the delivery of your tenancy, creating transparency across projects and promoting knowledge sharing.

TC Inspect - Issues List - TCPinpoint

Capture issues in real time

Be efficient on the go with our mobile inspection app. TC Inspect streamlines the process of identifying, reporting and resolving issues. Property inspections, made simple.

Document Management Feature - TCPinpoint

Direct access to documents and drawings

Stop searching through emails to find the latest document you need for your project. Upload, store, preview and share critical drawings and supporting documents with project stakeholders from a centralised document library.

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