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Project Manager

Successfully managing multiple, complex projects requires the right tools and access to the right information. Automate the creation of your projects, track the status of key tasks and milestones, maintain clear communication with stakeholders and mitigate delivery risks all from one central location.

Reporting - TCPinpoint

Real-Time Reporting

Track the status of your projects, tasks and key milestones in real time with powerful dashboards and reports.

Risk Assessment - TCPinpoint

Delivery Risk Assessment

Identify potential issues and delivery risks before they become problems.

Source Of Truth - TCPinpoint

One Version of The Truth

Be confident you’re making the right decisions with access to current schedules, documents and information.

Access real-time reports from anywhere, at any time

To effectively plan and execute your projects, you need access to accurate, up to date information.

The Project Phase Status Report is one of the reports in your toolbox that provides a quick snapshot of your portfolio and a clear view of the status of each project phase.

Project Phase Status Feature - TCPinpoint
Tenancy Tracker Feature - TCPinpoint

Tenancy tracker

Track the status of your property with a live view of key tenancy milestone dates.

Designed to provide busy executives with complete visibility of their portfolio, the tenancy tracker assists with planning, keeps teams accountable and gives you the best chance of delivering your property on time.

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