- TCPinpoint

Tenant Designer

Understanding design guidelines and workflows for specific properties is a breeze when access to information is easy and transparent. Communicate with retail design managers and tenancy coordinators, access site specific information and know when designs are due for submission. Our process management and collaboration tool takes care of the rest.

Communication - TCPinpoint

Task Based Communication

Share information, ask questions and seek feedback on design submissions all from one central location.

Document Library - TCPinpoint

Central Document Library

Get direct access to current drawings and documents to ensure your designs align with services plans and property requirements.

Dashboards - TCPinpoint

Portfolio Dashboards

Track the status of design related tasks for your property projects with clear, simple dashboards.

Design Tasks Feature - TCPinpoint

Task based scheduling and communication

Collaborate and track design related tasks with task based comment functionality and workflows that guide you through the process.

Access design and fitout guidelines, submit designs and seek feedback, all in one central platform.

Document Management Feature - TCPinpoint

Direct access to documents and drawings

Stop searching through emails to find the latest document you need for your project. Upload, store, preview and share critical drawings and supporting documents with project stakeholders from a centralised document library.

Dashboard Feature - TCPinpoint

Simple, yet powerful dashboards

Monitor performance metrics, milestones and activity at a glance with dashboards that display high level project status and property information, and identify what you need to do, when you need to do it.

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