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Adelaide Has Been Named The Most Liveable City In Australia. What Can We Do To Make It The Most Liveable City In The World?

Adelaide, Australia. Image via Finn on Unsplash.

By now, you’ve probably heard the news that Adelaide was recently crowned the most liveable city in Australia (and the third most liveable in the world), by The Economist Intelligence Unit. For anyone who has a soft spot for Adelaide, it’s heartening to hear the city being praised: for its quality of healthcare, education, infrastructure and more.

Although the pandemic caused “high volatility” in this year’s index, Australian cities have always fared well in the rankings – only this time, it was Adelaide that took out the highest spot. It was listed just behind Osaka, Japan (in second place) and Auckland, New Zealand (the world’s most liveable). So what can Adelaide do to secure the top spot worldwide?

Modern Ageing might be the answer. The Property Council of Australia (PCA) puts it best in their recent blog post on the topic: “We are seeing a growing cohort of active, solvent and demanding individuals who are driving a new Modern Ageing industry based right here in SA.” According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 18% of the Australian population are over 65 years old – a figure which is projected to more than double in the next 40 years. And nowhere is this more pronounced than in South Australia: right now, the 65+ proportion in South Australia is the highest across all states, sitting at 22% (or 390,000 people). But this doesn’t need to spell the end of vitality: the state can benefit if older people are empowered to age well, and enabled to continue actively contributing to society.

The Global Centre for Modern Ageing, who recently presented to the PCA’s Future Trends and Innovation Committee, outlined their role in delivering products, policies and services to improve the lives of older people – and said that SA is ahead of the curve in Modern Ageing research. And it’s not just older South Australians that are increasing in number. The pandemic has, at least for now, reversed the decades-long ‘brain drain’ trend of working-age locals leaving the state for opportunities elsewhere.

An empowered and active older population, coupled with a rare trend reversal in the decisions of younger people to stay in the state, could present positive opportunities for South Australia. To seize those opportunities, the most crucial task ahead is job creation – and the property industry is well-placed to create them.

In our work bringing retail tenancies to life, the TCPinpoint team has certainly seen Adelaide demonstrate incredible levels of resilience and creativity over the past year-and-a-half. Developers have bravely pushed forward with plans in the face of uncertainty; consumers have enthusiastically supported their local businesses; and there’s a sense of momentum that underpins the entire property industry right now.

With Adelaide being named the most liveable city in Australia, a greater proportion of its younger population choosing to remain here, and a bright future ahead for its 65+ cohort – as active, discerning and equity rich consumers; and investors and users of public spaces and property – we have hopes for a bright future ahead.

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