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Melinda Lynam, Comac Retail Property Group

Melinda is an administration assistant at Comac Retail Property Group, an independent retail company specialising in property management, leasing, financial management, marketing and lease administration.

Melinda Lynam - TCPinpoint

Carrying out day-to-day work is easier for Melinda because of TCPinpoint. “The value that TC Pinpoint brings to me and my work is [its] easy environment to navigate around. To be able to track from the start of a project to the end, and have all team members concerned be able to view its progress, is quite valuable,” she says.

“To be able to upload documents and tick off each task is a great way to cross check what has been received or not attended to, and not having to make a calendar invite – or email a team member – for the information, but for them to make comments instantly or upload a document, ensures all information is kept up to date.”

“To become a Brand Ambassador will give me the ability to promote the service of TCPinpoint within the property industry, (and) to be able to discuss the functions that the system can provide to aid the owners of a shopping centre for tenancy coordination. The design and layout of the system is quite comprehensive, and covers what I believe we need as Managing Agents to promote within the industry.”

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