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Introducing the newest addition to our Brand Ambassador Program: Sam Strahan of Banna Group

TCPinpoint’s purpose is to create more connection, consistency and transparency in the delivery of property. Our vision is to have people all over the world using our platform to deliver property projects, and we’re doing this by creating a platform that property people love to use, with a strong ecosystem of people and data. TCP Brand Ambassadors have a passion for property and are dedicated to finding better ways of delivering projects, and we’re excited to announce our newest ambassador to the program!

Brand Ambassador – Samantha Strahan

Meet our newest brand ambassador, Sam Strahan from Banna Group. Sam has an extensive background in tenancy delivery, as she’s worked in the shopping centre landscape for over 15 years. Sam is a person of detail and always busy with multiple projects on the go, she’s proud of what she does! Sam consistently provides us with feedback and taken the time to report queries and defects which helps us to continually improve. During TCPinpont’s initial presentation a colleague said TCPinpoint was a ‘virtual Sam’ – with this brand ambassadorship suiting her to a T!  She was also recently awarded a Rotary Award via Banna Group for her efforts.

Some of Sam’s Key achievements include:

  • The revitalisation of the Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre
  • The refurbishment of Pennant Hills Marketplace
  • Assisting and consulting on the redesign & redevelopment Greenfield Park Shopping Village

Outside of work, Sam spends her Tuesday mornings working with kids at the School for the Deaf and she is learning sign language to support her with this.

When presenting Sam with the honour of being a TCPinpoint Brand Ambassador, Rachel Kidwell, Founder of TCPinpoint asked Sam a few questions:

What do you love about TCPinpoint?

The homepage gives you a snapshot of how all projects are tracking and also the dashboard lets you know what tasks you have due (or overdue) and what is coming up. This saves so much time as you don’t have to go into each individual project to see where you are at.

Why did you choose TCPinpoint?

The platform is very user friendly and doesn’t overcomplicate the process. The offer of post implementation support was great and has been invaluable in helping me get the most out of the programme.

What does being a Brand Ambassador mean to you?

Talking about and promoting TCP more both within my Banna team and also externally with colleagues who work in similar roles.

What do you love about working with TCPinpoint?

The TCP team are extremely friendly and responsive to enquiries. They are also really open to feedback and ideas on possible improvements or features that can be added either now or in the future.

For more information on the great things Banna Group are doing, check out their website: