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Built & Flinders University Engage TCPinpoint

TCPinpoint has recently been engaged to work with Built and Flinders University on the Capital Infrastructure Program (CIP) projects across the next three years. From January 2019, TCP will provision software for use in coordinating and managing multiple projects across the Flinders University Bedford Park campus.

TCPinpoint CEO Rachel Kidwell says that TCP are looking forward to diversifying the application of TCP across commercial projects in a University environment.  “The flexibility of our cloud-based technology enables varied application across projects that are relatively small in nature, but big in volume,” Rachel said.

“Enabling the Built project management team to effectively collaborate with the Flinders University team will ensure consistent processes are applied across multiple projects.” she said.  

Built’s Head of New Business, South Australia, Neroli Hutchinson says “TCPinpoint will enable all stakeholders to understand the process required, with one repository of information relevant to a collection of valuable projects across the University”.

Flinders University’s Associate Director of Capital Development, Steve Woodrow, says “We’re excited to embrace a new start up from our own Flinders New Venture Institute,”  

“The opportunity TCPinpoint presents, aligns well with our fresh new approach to infrastructure project delivery, providing a software package that supports our staff, contractors and clients to work collaboratively. “

Rachel Kidwell went through the Flinders University Venture Dorm program in 2016 when TCPinpoint was just an idea. As the company has grown, Rachel chose TCPinpoint’s headquarters to be based at Flinders University’s New Venture Institute at Tonsley.  Rachel emphasises the importance of South Australian organisations like Built and Flinders University investing in enabling the growth of young companies building world class technology from South Australia.