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Banna Group is ​a family company breathing new life into existing shopping centres and developing community hubs.

Shopping Center - TCPinpoint
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Banna Group engaged TCPinpoint in 2018 to assist with enabling clarity on their tenancy delivery processes across their 5 Sydney based shopping centres. In 2019 Banna Group renewed for a second year and expanded the use of TCPinpoint across their wider tenancy delivery team.

Sam Strahan, Tenancy Delivery Manager confirmed “The post implementation level of service is outstanding. I’m looking forward to TCPinpoint being a part of my everyday life”.

Donna Eyeington, Lease Administrator observed “The TCPinpoint training session was the quickest and easiest I’ve ever done.”

Desired Outcome achieved:

  • Transparency across internal tenancy delivery teams
  • Clarity of tenancy delivery process
  • Identification of blockages in tenancy delivery process

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