Fort Street Capital

Rollout across all 12 assets, $800m, across four hubs.

Birkdale Fair - TCPinpoint
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Fort Street Capital worked with TCPinpoint in an effort to identify the following key desired outcomes:

  • Effective outsourced tenancy delivery model
  • To enable visibility across assets
  • To enable independence and ownership across outsourced agencies

Over two workshops we were able to design Fort Street’s preferred workflow template. Thereafter TCPinpoint assisted their individual Hubs to be onboarded via simple training workshops and the capability to slightly tweak the workflows to align with the individual Hubs preferred way of working.

As a result the Asset Managers were able to utilise the portfolio reporting capabilities of TCPinpoint to take a high level view of the tenancy delivery process across their multiple assets in an effort to mitigate any delivery risks.

Desired Outcome achieved:

  • High level reporting capabilities
  • Identification of risk items

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