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Adelaide-based developers, Leyton Property, engaged TCPinpoint to bring their exciting new $20 million Springwood Place development to life.

Springwood Place - TCPinpoint
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Springwood Place, a neighbourhood shopping centre in Gawler East, will feature a Drakes Supermarket and up to 15 specialty stores. At a time when local conveniences are highly sought-after, development commenced in mid-2021 and is due for completion in 2022.

The Leyton Property team onboarded and were using the platform in less than a month, which is a testament to both their engagement and the ease in which TCPinpoint can be rolled out. Leyton Property is using both the TC Retail and TC Inspect products to manage their tenancy delivery process and property inspections.

Leyton Property, who have a strong track record of delivering innovative property solutions, believe TCPinpoint will help to bring calm to what can be a complex development landscape.

“The Springwood Place development is going to transform Gawler East, bringing much-needed conveniences to the area, and creating a range of local jobs in the process. We’re proud to be a part of this project,” said Hamish Brown, Managing Director of Leyton Property.

“Using technology from TCPinpoint will really help bring this development to life. The tenancy delivery process can be messy, but their apps have already made our team more cohesive, enabling transparency and one version of the truth with a swift and efficient implementation. By applying this type of technology we’re de-risking what can be a complex process. We’ve seen TCPinpoint work with big inter-state property owners and we’re pleased to now be in a position to apply the technology to another South Australian project.”

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