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Gotta Get it Done? Get a Checklist. ☑

I’m a huge fan of lists.  Lists to remind me who to meet with on my next business trip, what to buy at the shops,  how to grow my business.  We have so much in our heads, so much knowledge and technical know how, that sometimes, we just can’t remember it all!  There are a multitude of checklist apps to help you get through your life – personally, I prefer pen and paper.  There’s something about that thought going out of your head, down your arm and out through your fingers with pen on paper that puts it out there to the Universe to make it happen.

I’ve just finished reading The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande (  A guideline to how, by following a simple checklist, we can avoid failure.  By doing so we break down tasks into small steps so as to enable the most complicated of tasks to be pre-defined to enable the best opportunity of success.

The same can be said for construction – we follow a program of works to ensure the foundation goes down before the roof, the electrical cables before the plasterboard – and also for the complex process of retail tenancy coordination.  By virtue of my last 10 years as a tenancy coordinator, I’ve found the complexities of tenancy delivery is in need of an automated, simple, pre-defined workflow (or checklist) tool to ensure all parties involved in the opening of a shop are able to know what they need to do and when they need to do it.

These checklists enable the stakeholders involved in the tenancy delivery process to utilise their voluminous knowledge to be freely exercised without the need to also keep track of when they need to complete their required tasks.

This is what TCPinpoint brings to the Construction industry.  A new way of working, a new way of storing and creating big data.  TCPinpoint empowers the project delivery team to enable all stakeholders to have their own checklist to ensure the best opportunity for successful tenancy delivery.

Drop me a line at to see how we can help your team prepare their tenancy delivery checklist.

Rachel Kidwell

CEO & Founder