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There are eight types of permissions in TCPinpoint. The set of permissions you have on any given resource is determined by your role and authority on the project it relates to.

Individual Permissions

  • Show Record – read-only permission
  • Create Record – create a template or project
  • Update Record – update information on a resource
  • Delete Record – delete a resource
  • Change Permission – change permissions on a resource
  • Manage Documents – upload a document to a resource
  • Comment – leave a comment on a resource
  • Invite – invite a team member or share to non-team members

On any given resource, you’ll see a ‘team members’ tab. This tab lists all team members who have permissions for that resource, and a list of what those permissions are.

Permissions can be changed at task level or authority level.

Task (Roles) Based Permissions

As tasks permissions are role-based, your access to a task and its associated documents will depend on whether your role is responsible for or copied to a task.

If you are a project team member not responsible for or copied to a particular task, you have the ability to view that task in your workflow but will not be able to interact with it. You will not be able to access or interact with any documents related to that task.

Tip: to give someone access to a document, ensure that 1. they have been added to a role in the team members tab of the project workspace and 2. their role has been made responsible for, or copied to, that task.

You will not see any tasks or associated documents to which you are not assigned or copied (unless you have Owner or Administrator authority as well). If you feel you need access to something that you are not assigned or copied to, you will need to contact your Project Owner.

Authority Based Permissions

Property Administrators have permissions to upload documents to and edit details on the Property Page.

Project Creators have all permissions to all of their own projects and their projects’ child resources (tasks, documents).

Project Administrators have all permissions to all projects and projects’ child resources (tasks, documents) on all projects they hold authority on.

Project Parties have role-based permissions – see above.