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Project Page

The Project Page is the virtual collaboration space for managing an individual retail or commercial tenancy delivery. A project has one workflow, which is defined by the template chosen during project creation. Project pages contain document libraries for the management of all documents relating to a delivery. Projects also include communication tools to collaborate with the people working together on the delivery.

The project view page has two main elements: the header card and the tabbed workspace.

Header Card

Depending on your level of access, will depend on the tab options you will have access to in the header card. NB: Only Project Creators and Administrators will be able to see any tabs, Team Members will not have access to any of the tabs in this section.

  • Add To Portfolio: This gives you the ability to report on the progress of that project directly
  • Edit: The name of the project can be edited in this section
  • Archive Project: You can close off this project and still be able to view it
  • Trash: This allows you to delete this project and you will not have access to it again once confirmed.
Tip: Is your project way past where it should be? Jump into your workflow and see if there are any tasks that can be closed out. This will adjust the projected date and the indicator.

Tabbed Workspace


  • Workflow Visual: a horizontal workflow graphic showing a visual representation of your workflow phases and tasks.
  • Phases: workflow segments with lists of tasks.
  • Tasks: individual pieces of work in a project. You have the ability to only view the tasks you are responsible for or are cc to. NB: You will only be able to take action on tasks that you are responsible for. Any tasks that you are cc to, you will be able to view and receive notifications for, but will not be able to take any action on.


The document tab allows you to view and download all documents that have been uploaded against specific tasks within each phase. You will only be able to see documents for tasks that you are responsible for or cc to.

Team Members

The team members tab lists all users who have been assigned to roles on a project. This screen contains information like phone number and email address. You can invite more team members to a project by hitting the ‘+add’ button and filling out the form on the modal screen. By inviting a user into a particular role, they will be assigned as responsible for tasks designated to that role in the workflow.


A ledger is a flat record of all of the financial information about a project. You have the ability to design as many ledgers as you want. 

TCPinpoint gives you the ability to record amounts against each of those ledgers, and you can update additional lines and approve them internally. You can add and edit ledgers in the ‘ledgers’ tab within the template workspace. If you add ledgers to a template, these will appear on the Project Page of any projects created from that template, in the ‘ledgers’ tab. Note that the ledgers tab is only visible to team members with Project Administration authority or higher, and not to Project Party/Team Member authority.


The details of the tenant are reflected here. The main contact, the Trading Name and contact phone number


Information on where the tenancy is located including a graphical representation


Details of the lease are shown in this tab including but not limited to base rent per year, handover date, fitout period and opening date


This allows Project Creators and Administrators only to communicate within a project


  • Template Used
  • Created At: shows what date the project started
  • Days Active: reflects the number of days the project has been active for since inception


Shows all the activity that has occurred within the project from all the team members that are involved with that project