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‘Role’ refers to the real-world function a user will perform within a given project. The Project Creator designates role responsibilities and assignments in the template builder.

Designating Role Responsibility to Tasks

Task responsibility is initially designated by the Project Creator in the Workflow section of the Template Builder and can be modified by Project Creators and Project Administrators in the Edit Task screens in individual Project Pages.

To designate task responsibility to roles in the template: working in the ‘workflow’ tab, add a new task or edit an existing task. Under the ‘Role Responsibilities’ header, select the role that will be responsible for completing the task under ‘primary responsibility’. Additionally, select any roles who should receive permissions and notifications for that task under ‘copied to’.

To change task responsibility to roles in an active project: Project Creators and Project Administrators can edit task responsibility on a per-project basis. On the Project Page, click on an individual task. In the task header toolbar, click the ‘edit task’ button. At the bottom of the task-edit form, under the Team Members header, you will be able to adjust the role responsible for that task. Click ‘OK’ when finished.

Assigning Project Team Members to Roles

Team Members are initially invited to work on projects by the Project Creators in the Team Members section of the template builder

To assign roles to team members in the template: working in the ‘team members’ tab, under the ‘add team members’ heading, enter the email address of the person you wish to invite, and select the desired role from the drop-down menu and select the authority that role is to have (Standard or Administrator). Click ‘+add’ to add this person to the team for any projects that use this template. Note that ‘invites’ won’t be sent until a project is started with the template.

To assign roles to team members in an active project: Project Creators and Project Administrators can add new team members and assign roles to them on a per-project basis. On the Project Page, under the Team Members tab, click ‘add’, fill out the required field and click the ‘send invite’ button. This is particularly useful for inviting new people who have not worked on a TCP project before.

Available Roles

Admin Assistant
Airport Building Controller
Asset Manager
Assistant Centre Manager
Assistant Development Manager
Assistant Retail and Commercial Manager
Base Architect
Base Build Engineer
Centre Admin
Centre Manager
Centre/Retail Manager
Development Manager
Digital & Innovation Analyst
Executive Assistant
Facilities Manager
Finance Manager
General Manager
Graphic Designer
Head of Asset Management
Head of Operations
Head of Retail
Investment Analyst
Lease Admin
Leasing Assistant
Leasing Coordinator
Leasing Development Manager
Leasing Executive
Leasing Manager
Lessor Air Con
Lessor Builder
Lessor Electrician
Lessor Fire
Lessor Plumber
Mall Liaison Manager
Marketing Assistant
Marketing Manager
National Tenancy Delivery Manager
National Tenancy Project Coordinator
OHS Review
Operations Manager
Planning Coordinator
Portfolio Assistant
Portfolio General Manager
Portfolio Manager
Private Certifier
Project Director
Project Manager
Project Owner
Property Manager
Regional Manager
Retail Delivery Coordinator
Retail Design Coordinator
Retail Design Manager
Retail Manager
Retail Project Manager
Services Engineer
Structural Engineer
Tenancy Admin
Tenancy Coordinator
Tenancy Delivery Manager
Tenant Designer
Tenant Engineer
Tenant Project Manager