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North America | TCPinpoint’s first US Customer, Prism Places

Prism Places is a leading, tech-powered developer and manager of commercial real estate with a diverse portfolio that spans California, Colorado, and Texas.

Firm believers that data powers better decision making, Prism is guided by sophisticated intelligence tools that support their tenants, partners and investors. TCPinpoint’s software is the latest testament to that belief.

Implementing TCPinpoint’s software solutions across its Plano Texas headquarters, has meant that
Prism Places has ditched the spreadsheets, to instantly have visibility across their tenancy delivery and
to ensure they can provide best in class customer experience to their tenants and key stakeholders.

Whilst TCPinpoint raises the standard of tenancy delivery, Chief Executive Officer, Rachel Kidwell says “from our experience of the US, the speed of decision making and engagement through implementation are two of the biggest cultural differences.”

To put things into perspective Prism Places’ asset, Legacy West, in Plano Texas has 8.4 million visitors
annually, 782 residential units, 31,981 square meters of retail space with 40,860 square meters of office
space. When looking at our domestic landscape retail space provision, Australia has a retail supply of
approximately 1.06 sqm per person compared to the US which has more than double this.

“For retail assets of this magnitude we were able to implement our software with Prism Places across a
six-week timeframe, extended only due to the festive holiday period.”

“In other territories, there may be six to eight coffee meetings before leads are interested in a Proposal.
In the US, on average, we can receive incoming web-based enquiries, demo the software and provide a
proposal in a 48-hour time frame, with a yes or no answer received in seven to 14 days.
“The speed and volume of doing business is very different.”

“Our cloud-base software solution has been able to complement the need for scalability, digitization and
speed through our simple implementation processes, which Prism Places was looking for”.

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About Prism Places

Prism Places provides a new perspective on commercial real estate grounded in the insight that assets should generate value over their lifetime. This value creation is the result of an aligned vision, accountability, and active participation in the day-to-day operations of each property. Prism brings a robust and integrated operating platform married with a sense of urgency, creativity, and discipline to the daily experiences on property.