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Reimagining Retail at RECON Dubai | Panel Discussion Recap

The retail landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and at RECON Dubai, our Founder and CEO, Rachel Kidwell, facilitated a compelling panel discussion on the theme of “Reinvestment.” 

“I had the privilege of moderating the panel at #RCM23, exploring the exciting convergence of technology and entertainment in retail development and operation. It was an invigorating experience, delving into the transformative power of innovative solutions and immersive experiences on the world stage. This journey of innovation in the retail and property development industry is an inspiring one, and I am excited to be a part of shaping its future. The possibilities are limitless.  I am optimistic about the future alignment of retail development and operations with digital transformation initiatives.” – Rachel Kidwell

This panel spotlighted how technology and entertainment are driving innovation in retail development and operation. With two esteemed panellists, Ilona Rose, Head of Retail at Adelaide Airport, and Mohamed Attia, GM of Al Hokair Group – Entertainment Division, the conversation was nothing short of enlightening.

1. The Power of Technology in Retail Project Delivery & Operations

Ilona Rose, with her extensive experience in revenue accountability and leadership in multi-billion-dollar retail projects, shared success stories illustrating the transformative power of technology in retail development. She highlighted how innovative technology solutions have streamlined and enhanced project delivery, making it less complex and more efficient.

2. Immersive Entertainment Technologies in Retail Spaces

Mohamed Attia, a recipient of the Most Admired Retail Personality Award, discussed the integration of immersive and experiential entertainment technologies into retail spaces. His insights shed light on how these technologies effectively engage customers and drive foot traffic, creating a more immersive and exciting shopping experience.

3. Dwell Time and Customer Engagement in Unique Environments

Our Founder and CEO, Rachel Kidwell led the conversation towards the intriguing dynamics of dwell time and customer engagement, particularly in environments like airport retail and pure play entertainment precincts. 

Ilona Rose shared her insights into attracting passengers’ attention in a dwell time-restricted environment and increasing their time spent in the terminal.

“I had the privilege of sharing insights at the RECON Dubai panel discussion, and it was truly enlightening. Our conversation revolved around the challenges of attracting passengers’ attention in a time-restricted airport environment and, more importantly, enhancing their time spent in the terminal. It’s clear that the convergence of technology and entertainment is opening up exciting possibilities for retail delivery and operational optimisation. I look forward to seeing how these innovations shape the future of customer engagement and dwell time in our ever-evolving retail environments.” – Ilona Rose

Mohamed Attia, who envisions a seamless customer experience through technology reinvestment at Al Hokair, elaborated on how technology enhances customer engagement, ultimately extending their dwell time and benefiting their overall experience.

“I was honoured to participate in the RECON Dubai panel, where I had the opportunity to share our vision of providing customers with a seamless experience through technology reinvestment at Al Hokair. We discussed how technology enhances customer engagement, extending their time spent in our facilities, and enriching their overall experience. It’s exciting to witness the positive impact of innovation on customer satisfaction and dwell time in our entertainment assets.” – Mohamed Attia

And that’s a wrap!

The conversation wrapped up with both panellists offering their predictions for future industry breakthroughs and trends, considering the evolving landscape of retail and entertainment.

Additionally, they emphasized where asset owners should focus their reinvestment efforts to keep their properties at the forefront of the industry.

In a world where retail and entertainment converge, innovation becomes the cornerstone of success. RECON Dubai served as a platform to explore the possibilities and reimagine the future of retail.

Stay tuned for more insightful discussions and trends as we navigate the dynamic world of retail and continue our journey of “Reinvestment.”

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