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RetPro’s Chris Giannopoulos, our newest Brand Ambassador, tells us his thoughts on TCPinPoint

TCPinpoint Brand Ambassadors have a passion for property, and an appetite for technology and social media. They’re passionate about their work, think outside the box and are willing to adopt new technology and apply it to their profession – so we’re excited to have them on board!

The newest ambassador to join the program is Chris Giannopoulos, an Operations Manager at the RetPro Group.

Before using TCPinpoint, new technology intimidated Chris, but he soon found the platform to be useful to his role.

“At the start, I was a bit taken aback… I was a bit scared. But then, once I started working my way through it and working out what the system does, I actually found [TCPinpoint] quite good to work with,” he says.

“It was easy to navigate [and] enter data into it, and I’ve used it quite a bit to track progress and the program of a project from start to finish. So from the conceptual design through to physical structure.”

Chris has been in operations roles for almost a decade, spanning centres of different sizes and at different firms. Prior to that, he worked in retail centre management.

At RetPro, a day’s work often includes the overseeing of new fit-outs, which can include anything from ensuring new designs are improved by design coordinators, to maintaining the ‘hard products’ (e.g. air-conditioning, security or electricity) of centres so that they can remain open and trade.

TCPinpoint allows these, and many more, functions to be carried out with ease. “It’s quite detailed, but it’s also user friendly. There’s still features I haven’t touched on – but it’s just a matter of playing with it every day, and using it, and seeing what it can do,” says Chris.

“You can’t really break it – you just work with it, and make it how you want it to work.”

Find out more about TCPinpoint here.