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TCPinpoint featured: The Advertiser, South Australia’s hottest start-ups and scale-ups of 2023

🎉 We’re excited to share a glimpse of South Australia’s thriving start-up and scale-up ecosystem of 2023!

🌐 Welcome to a snapshot of some of our most exciting and interesting start ups and scale ups, compiled by in consultation with the teams at Lot Fourteen and Flinders University’s NVI (New Venture Institute) as well as other key players in the technology industry.

🌐 As a part of the TCPinpoint team, alongside Silky AroraaDaniela Herrera Kimberley HobartJoseph Mullins, we’re thrilled to have our collective dedication and creativity recognized alongside these extraordinary innovators.

This recognition extends to our very own Founder & CEO, Rachel Kidwell, as well as founders Allison NikulaAllys ToddRobin GarnhamMatthew SteadLaura TolsonAlex Tolson, and Tim Stollznow.

Our Founder and Chief executive, Rachel Kidwell, says our ability to meet the industry’s growing demands for scalability, digitisation, and speed through TCPinpoint’s cloud-based solution, aligns with the evolving needs of property professionals on a global scale.

In addition to TCPinpoint, please meet the 25 South Australian businesses to keep an eye on ▶️

🙌 Thank you to The Advertiser and Matt Deighton for sharing these stories.