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TCPinpoint and Ticked Off Are Partnering – And The Property Industry Will Reap The Rewards

TCPinpoint and Ticked Off Are Partnering

ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, 27 JANUARY 2021 – Adelaide-based PropTech company TCPinpoint has today announced its new partnership with Ticked Off App.

The partnership will help retailers and landlords work smarter and achieve better outcomes. TCPinpoint provides the property industry with a cloud based collaboration and management tool, while Ticked Off helps businesses regain control of their property by bringing together everything that is needed to maintain it.

“The delivery of tenancies comes with its own challenges. Once they become operational, we see the Ticked Off solution providing the repairs and maintenance expertise that is so vital in saving the operational budget from blowing out,” said TCPinpoint Founder and CEO Rachel Kidwell.

“The future success of PropTech means PropTech companies must collaborate to provide stronger solutions for an industry that is learning how to implement digital transformation.”

TCPinpoint and Ticked Off complement each other by simplifying processes and reducing costs in the tenancy delivery process. For instance, TCPinpoint provides teams with anywhere, anytime access to the most important project documents and tasks, while Ticked Off transforms how businesses manage repairs and maintenance by connecting teams, locations, repairs, assets, safety, contractors and more on its app.

“COVID-19 has provided businesses a unique opportunity to ‘rethink and reset’ how they work… The key for future success will rely on businesses having tools that take the guesswork out of decision making and people that strive to make things a bit better, every day. Gone are the days of maintaining unproductive thinking or processes,” says Ticked Off’s Managing Director, Adrian Black.

“I like that TCPinpoint is solving a known problem in the delivery and management of retail environments through great tech. Both Ticked Off and TCPinpoint are providing solutions to industry that are making a real difference.”

Both companies already have an enviable list of clients between them, including Adelaide Airport, Banna Property Group and Fort Street Capital (TCPinpoint); and Vodafone, Oroton and Glassons Australia (Ticked Off). This newly-announced PropTech collaboration is sure to draw further interest from the industry, as they work together to mitigate the risk of cost and program overruns in the delivery of tenancies.

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