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TCPinpoint at the Forefront: Insights from the 2023 Horasis India Meeting

The 2023 Horasis India Meeting held in Adelaide on November 26-27 stood as a pivotal platform for global business leaders aiming to foster cooperation, impact investing, and sustainable growth. Co-hosted by the Government of South Australia, InvestSA and Confederation of Indian Industry, and Business SA – Chamber of Commerce and Industry this event aimed to connect Indian innovators with Adelaide, positioned as a hub for Asia-Pacific investment.

A significant highlight was the participation of our Founder and CEO Rachel Kidwell, in a panel discussion titled “Adelaide: Indo-Pacific’s Developing Hot Hub” on November 27, Adelaide.

Adelaide, the thriving capital of South Australia, boasts itself as the primary data economy hub in Australia, actively inviting Indian investors. Notably, it houses cutting-edge HighTech hubs that propel innovative ideas across diverse business sectors.

The panel discussion focused on several crucial topics:
  • Strategies for meaningful joint development
  • Government support opportunities
  • Effective methods to enlighten investors and innovators about the advantages offered by the Adelaide-India bridge.

Esteemed panellists included, Gitesh Agarwal, Director, HCL Tech,  Anna Falkiner, Co-founder of Cropify, Australia; Kym Hume, Critical Technology Lead at Dept for Trade and Investment SA, Australia, Rohan Shetty, Co-founder, Icon Maritime Technologies Group, USA,  Philipp Dautel, Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Renewal SA, Australia,  and our Founder & CEO Rachel Kidwell of TCPinpoint, Australia.

The discussion was chaired by Sidharth Mehta, Regional Director, MENA and India, SA Department for Trade and Investment, UAE.

Key Takeaways from our Founder and CEO, Rachel Kidwell’s Panel Insights:
  1. Influence of Adelaide’s Innovation Hub on TCPinpoint’s Growth:
  • Rachel shared insights on how TCPinpoint’s focus on managing retail tenancies has been influenced by Adelaide’s innovative environment, propelling the platform’s growth in coordinating retail tenancy delivery across Australia and internationally.
  1. Leveraging Being an Australian-Based Innovative Solution:
  • She highlighted the reception garnered from clients worldwide when they discover TCPinpoint’s innovative solution is based in South Australia/Australia. Leveraging this fact has provided a distinct advantage, fostering intrigue about Australia’s lifestyle and business while ensuring local support and service provision.
  1. Navigating International Expansion:
  • Rachel provided guidance on establishing a global footprint in technology, emphasizing the importance of developing strong relationships in various regions for international growth.
  1. Challenges and Overcoming Hurdles:
  • She addressed challenges faced from a technology-based service perspective, notably the challenges associated with accessing capital in Australia. Despite this, TCPinpoint has creatively addressed growth opportunities through collaborations and relationships while maintaining an organic growth trajectory.
  1. Operating in Emerging Economies and Cultural Understanding:
  • Rachel highlighted her experience operating in new developing economies and the necessity of embracing curiosity and vulnerability to truly understand and engage with emerging markets, emphasizing the importance of in-person visits to gain insights into cultural nuances.

The 2023 Horasis India Meeting provided a platform for rich insights and discussions, emphasizing the potential of collaborations between Adelaide and India, fostering mutual growth and innovation. 

TCPinpoint’s journey and our Founder and CEO Rachel Kidwell’s expertise showcased invaluable lessons for businesses eyeing international expansion either from Australia or those international companies looking to base themselves in Adelaide and navigating challenges in today’s dynamic markets.