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Adelaide Scaleup TCPinpoint Keeps Soaring, With New Intellectual Property On The Way For The Go2Gov Program

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As part of the Go2Gov Program, cloud-based tenancy delivery platform TCPinpoint will develop a new product addressing property inspection and maintenance challenges experienced by RenewalSA. The innovative solution, which builds on the platform’s existing offering, aims to improve public sector efficiency.

ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, 6 JULY 2021 – Adelaide-based scaleup company TCPinpoint, a cloud-based tenancy delivery platform, has today announced it has been selected to participate in the Go2Gov Program.

The Go2Gov Program, an initiative of the Government of South Australia, will see a range of startups and early stage businesses collaborating with government to develop new innovations. Taking the form of an innovation challenge, it requires participants to pitch novel solutions to problems facing the public sector.​

TCPinpoint offers a technology solution that simplifies the property delivery process. This will be valuable to countless public sector bodies, including RenewalSA, who face complex tasks when undertaking multiple types of inspections throughout the lifecycle of a property. TCPinpoint’s cloud-based platform allows for ease of collaboration, making this process as efficient as possible, while also increasing transparency and minimising risk.

Research and development led to the design of sister product TC Inspect, and since its release, the opportunity to develop further products has become apparent. TCPinpoint’s potential for growth, including the development of new intellectual property, is compelling from a government perspective.

“It is such a key element to future success for scale up companies like ours to have Government as a customer. The Go2Gov program is instrumental in removing the red tape that often comes with existing Government procurement processes for companies like ours,” said Rachel Kidwell, Founder of TCPinpoint.

“We see significant value in the technology we are bringing to the table for not only Renewal SA but for other Government agencies who have the delivery and management of property as their core business.”

As part of their involvement with the Go2Gov Program, the TCPinpoint team will test their ideas, develop prototypes and conduct trials; with scope to extend service delivery beyond the program’s pilot and become an ongoing provider to one or more state government agencies.

“The Marshall Government’s Go2Gov program provides an access for early-stage businesses to partner with government agencies to develop their innovative products and ideas as they expand their client base,” said Minister for Innovation and Skills, David Pisoni.

“As we can see in this example with TCPinpoint, it is also a new opportunity to re-evaluate existing government processes and adopt new technologies to better serve the South Australian public.”

To find out more about the Go2Gov Program, visit the FIXE website.

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