Unravel Excel spreadsheets into clear dashboards

Our cloud based workflow platform manages the multitude of tasks, communications, documents and reporting required in the delivery of retail shops.

Move from the old world chaos of Excel spreadsheets to calm dashboards enhancing collaboration & enabling your team to work from anywhere.

How much can TCPinpoint save you on your next tenancy delivery project?

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“The quality of TCPinpoint’s work, their resilience and flexibility is truly outstanding”

Som Hawkins
Project Manager, Waterfront City, Conversion Partners

Every day your shop isn’t open is costing you money


Collaborate all in one place

TCPinpoint brings all stakeholders responsible for tenancy delivery (tenants, designers, RDMs, services engineers, Centre Managers, Facilities Managers, shopfitters) to the one platform.


Know what to do, and when to do it

TCPinpoint pre defines the tenancy delivery process and enables all stakeholders to understand their tasks and when they need to be completed. TCPinpoint issues reminders, based on a traffic light system, to assist in efficient work flows.



TCPinpoint enables increased reporting capabilities, from the one source of data, in relation to financials and delivery status.


Document libraries

TCPinpoint captures documents specific to each tenancy and shopping centre and is a one stop depository of this information. The more TCPinpoint is used, the more valuable it will be to the owners of the shopping centres.

What the industry is saying

I could not have been happier with the decision to use TCPinpoint - the quality of TCPinpoint’s work combined with their resilience and flexibility was truly outstanding. I highly recommend the solution that is excellent and easy to use.

Som HawkinsProject Manager, Waterfront City, Conversion Partners

To my knowledge there isn’t a similar product to this on the market that can be used by team members at different levels of a development in an effort to systemise the tenancy delivery process and help save time and money.

Jane CareyDirector, Edge Property Recruitment

I can certainly see merit in TCPinpoint which can provide clarity in to what can be a very messy procedure, especially to people such as myself who can waste a lot of time making sure everything is on track.

Joe GossFacilities Manager, Adelaide Central Plaza, Precision Group of Companies

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