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August 2018 Release

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  • Authorities added with appropriate permissions: property administrator, project owner, project administrator, project party
  • Documents can be pinned to project library to indicate their importance
  • In project create, users are asked for dates for phases marked as milestones in the template
  • Phase and task-based folders added to project libraries
  • Project Libraries display documents by what tasks and phases they were uploaded to
  • Project ‘business days over/under’ status indicator has been added to project header, in reference to milestone dates set by the project and the templates
  • Project workflows display text ‘mine’ for tasks user is responsible for
  • Project workflows display text ‘cc’ for tasks user is copied on
  • Status indicator displays as per waterfall based on vital phase status
  • Template Lookup on Project Create screen now displays the kind of template, the date it was created and the user who created it
  • Template Builder, Project Create and Project Workspace now include sidebar widget linking to appropriate knowledge base help articles
  • Users can define whether a phase is a ‘milestone phase’
  • Users can now edit template descriptions and tags
  • Documents may only be uploaded by project parties to tasks within projects
  • Documents may only be uploaded to properties by property administrators
  • Tabbed views on project and property pages
  • ‘Activities’ are created after an action on a resource
  • Activity feed widgets on all resources display all activities relevant to that feed and that users’ permissions
  • Allow Users to create or select a predefined message to send when closing a task
  • Permissions widget in resource sidebars displaying who has what permissions


  • Removed Approvals button on document preview page
  • Approvals UI has been retired
  • Inspections UI has been retired
  • Tenancies UI has been retired
  • Ledgers UI has been retired
  • Leases UI has been retired
  • Notifications from task create in template builder removed


  • Ledgers cannot be created without a name
  • When building out a new Project, interface shows the ‘Trading As’ name, not the Lessor name
  • Properties are not fixed to project kind
  • Template View accurately reflects which projects the template has been applied to – in ‘projects’ sidebar widget
  • Issue with people not assigning to new projects resolved
  • Users can log in to a single account on multiple devices concurrently
  • User is forced to re-login after their session expires
  • Fixed Loading state error when reopening task
  • Users with no authority or permissions for any tasks on a project cannot view that project
  • Fixed issue with dragging phases in template builder
  • Phone number not being recorded against tentant when unput on the project create


  • Only project owner or administrator can invite people to project (project parties)
  • Property library user interface updated
  • Project library user interface updated
  • Phases in the templated builder are fixed – they can be added but not deleted
  • Project Create no longer uses modals – users are presented with all options without being taken out of the form
  • User Interface and Experience improvements on Project Create sections to clearly show which sections are complete and incomplete
  • Creating a tenancy in project create now only asks questions relevant to the kind of project being created
  • The first action in Project Create is to select the template
  • Templates are tagged with ‘kind’ depending on initial selection, which informs fields on project create
  • Role-based permissions updated
  • A document that a user does not have permissions for is not visible to that user
  • A task that a user does not have permissions for is visible to that user but not clickable
  • Header banner cards on document, task, property and project page is now full-width
  • Internal reference in Project Create is now a non-mandatory field
  • Marking a Task as complete : change words from ‘Ok’ to “Mark this Task as Complete” – and add a button that says ‘Take me back to my Project’.
  • Templates now have pre-created phases and milestone status based on kind selected
  • Filter/Sort UI Simplified
  • User can choose to CC roles on task in template builder
  • Template graph restored