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Changelog 2019.07.01

New/ Improved

  • NW-1246 List email addresses on team member invites on project show page
  • NW-1236 Optimise the API router path by adding :id
  • NW-1146 Reinstate ‘share’ button in template header toolbar
  • NW-1142 Users can upload non-condition related documents to task diaries
  • NW-1077 Team Member roles on the Task Page show their role under their name

Defects Resolved

  • NW-1265 Invalid lease stopping project from being trashed
  • NW-1243 Archiving projects not working
  • NW-1227 Can’t remove items from list groups in template
  • NW-1197 Email notifications still being sent after team members were removed from a project
  • NW-1194 Document link previews
  • NW-1193 Trash project button not working as it should.
  • NW-1190 Task page status colour is not truly reflective of ahead / behind status
  • NW-1182 Task row statistics – conditions aren’t reflecting true status
  • NW-1181 Close task pop up modal is missing the words leave diary entry / don’t leave diary entry
  • NW-1173 When a User is removed from a project, they need to be removed from their Tasks
  • NW-1169 Team Member contact information is not showing on some tasks
  • NW-1164 Permissions issues
  • NW-1151 This Project should show as over due given the Key Date is showing as over due
  • NW-1133 Comment activity is not showing on the task lines of the project page