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Changelog 2019.08.22

August 22, 2019

New/ Improved

  • Task diary renamed to ‘correspondence’
  • Project Create Wizard user experience improvements
  • NW-1373 Provide a number of behind tasks on a project to determine project “at risk” status
  • NW-1335 Beta Features should have BETA flags on global navigation
  • NW-1311 As a user I need to be able to access ledgers that have been shared to me
  • NW-1310 Allow user to define project kind separate from tenancy (food, specialty etc)
  • NW-1290 Create new lease from Property Show
  • NW-1286 Orange styles for ‘at risk’ – status colours CSS using at_risk attribute
  • NW-1285 Add “at risk” and “reason at risk” to project attributes
  • NW-1271 Added the Sunburst Component in portfolio #Insights (beta)
  • NW-1269 As a user I want to see the name of the Project an email notification refers to in the email notification header and body of text
  • NW-1233 Show the email address where the project invite was sent now that we don’t ask for Name details
  • NW-273 As a project admin I want to be able to edit my lease data on a project in-flight
  • NW-244 As an Authority User I want to be able to edit my lease details
  • NW-190 As a team member, I want to be able to upload documents to a task that aren’t related to conditions
  • NW-68 As a team member, I want to be able to cancel a document upload in progress

Defects Resolved

  • NW-1425 Some task rows in users’ active tasks list were not referencing project name and property name
  • NW-1404 Uploading documents not completing conditions
  • NW-1400 Errors when uploading documents to task diary
  • NW-1387 OS X in night mode fades out labels in signup
  • NW-1368 ‘Add a file from your computer’ z index
  • NW-1344 ‘x’ button not working when starting a project to remove date already inputted
  • NW-1322 Task lists: old tasks from removed projects appear to still be showing in User’s Tasks list
  • NW-1320 Diary notes are not showing in chronological order and new diary notes are being left at the top of the page, instead of the bottom
  • NW-1315 The ‘x’ at the Tenancy step of the project create screen does not work, user can not cancel out of this Tenancy
  • NW-1304 Invitation hangovers still occurring on the Project Team Member tab even when a Team Member has accepted the invitation
  • NW-1301 Name of project is still not referencing on email notifications
  • NW-1300 The ability to remove Users from a Task seems to be missing
  • NW-1299 Team Member was removed as from Project but still showing as Responsible / Spectators on Tasks
  • NW-1298 I chose to close this comment ‘without comment’ and the system added a blank comment anyway
  • NW-1270 When viewing the Property documents via a Project Documents tab, previously deleted Property documents are still showing on the front end when viewed through the Project Documents tab
  • NW-1254 Previewing images isn’t working as it should
  • NW-1229 List the PROJECT NAME on email notifications
  • NW-1188 ‘You’ve been added’ email showing an error on the project name
  • NW-1177 When starting a project and choosing ‘Existing Tenancy’ the field relating to Tenancy Kind is missing
  • NW-1154 Task permission icons seem to have gone amiss … showing different icons for what should be ‘Mine’
  • NW-1121 Email notifications when a parent task is closed ready for the dependent task user to be notified not sending
  • NW-819 When a document doesn’t upload completely, no error messages are thrown
  • NW-728 Closing Tasks isn’t updating the ‘My Tasks’ number on the dashboard or Task list