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Changelog 2019-10-21


  • Beta feature flag component added for displaying on beta components
  • Task insights tab shows a historical record of date changes to the task in a table view (beta)


  • Date, Yes/No and Accept conditions cannot be actioned on a closed task


  • Email “receipts” that notify the user about their own actions


  • Building page on a Property displays list of projects related to tenancies in that building
  • Document owners can change the title of a document
  • Project Lists can be filtered by ahead, behind and archived
  • Project Status widget on homepage data points click through to a filtered list
  • Closing a Task without comment should not post a blank comment in the correspondence list
  • Files can be dragged and dropped onto a Document Upload button
  • Project List ‘completed in’ data point shows the number of days the project took to complete


  • Emails related to projects contain reference to Project Name, Tenancy Number and Property Name
  • Users on task can use @team to notify everyone on a task
  • Email notifications for @mentions are clipped to 30 characters