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Changelog 2019-12-05


  • Documents in documents libraries list in in reverse chronological order (of upload date) in default view
  • Phone numbers are formatted idiomatically
  • Addresses are formatted idiomatically
  • Download button on document collections has been removed until zip downloading access issue is fixed


  • Project workflows display a ‘percentage complete’ bar on the workflow tab of a project show page
  • Project/Task Document folders now have a section called ‘other attachments’ to show documents uploaded to task correspondence
  • Sort/ filter control added to users’ global tasks list


  • Documents could not be viewed by new users who had been added to existing projects
  • ‘x’ button on the ‘+’ document upload modal to a correspondence did not close the modal
  • New projects were rolling out with the ‘start project’ task detached from the dependency tree
  • Tasks in a project workflow were not reliably listing out in order of schedule (within their respective phases)
  • News feed on home page wasn’t loading
  • Re-opening a closed task should not clear the accept condition response
  • Clicking on the ‘tasks behind’ from the dashboard was taking the user to a list of their tasks, not just the tasks that are behind

Beta Access Only

  • Portfolio Insights tab now has a ‘fit out period timeline’ report available