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Changelog 2020-02-06


  • New Activity Feed and Notifications System installed
  • Activity feed items contain reference to type of activity, activity object, activity context, activity subject, and actor.
  • Activity feed items contain reference to the time and date the activity was created
  • Activity feed items link to the activity subject when clicked
  • Activity feeds appear in the following contexts:
    • Global Feed – every activity you are addressed ‘to’, ‘cc’d’ or ‘bcc’d’
    • Resource Feed – every activity where the resource is the context
    • User Notifications Feed – every activity where the user is addressed ‘to’
      • Ability to mark tasks as read or unread
      • Notification dot appears on bell icon in the application header navigation when a new notification is created
      • Browser notification alert sound when a new notification is created


  • Home Page: three-column/sidebar layout changed to two-column layout
  • Home Page: ‘Global News Feed’ system changed to new system
  • Resource Pages: Property Page – Project Page – Task Page – Document Page – Template Page
    • two-column/sidebar layout changed to full-width layout
    • ‘Activity Feed’ moved into tab
    • ‘Permissions’ widget removed


  • Document Page: removed Correspondence tab
  • Property Page: removed Correspondence tab


  • Task Page / Conditions Tab: undoing an Accept’ condition was not working
  • Project Page / Lease Tab: when editing Lease details, the fitout period field did not display a default value

Beta-access only

  • Portfolio Page/ Project Comments Report: this report is now available to users with Project Administrator Authority only
  • Portfolio Page/ Project Phase Report: reduced CPU usage to normal level