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Changelog 2020-07-01


  • Version number in footer: 2020-07-01
  • Project page: links on the phase status icons in the workflow visual were not working; links have been temporarily disabled
  • Project documents tab: performance improvements
  • Home page: performance improvements
  • Task list page: performance improvements
  • Project list page: performance improvements


  • When a project team member was added to a task team (as a spectator) they are granted permissions to the task immediately and the task appears in their project workflow immediately
  • When adding a team member to a project, that team member should become a ‘spectator’ on any task for which they have a spectator role
  • When creating a project from a template, users should be assigned as spectators to tasks based on their role in the template and relevant spectator tasks

Beta Access Only

  • Portfolio Phases Report: report no longer lists deleted projects
  • Portfolio Phases Report: performance improvements
  • Portfolio Phases Report: phase status icons were showing incorrect ‘complete’ status (fixed)