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Changelog 2020-08-27


  • Activity Feed on Home page has been optimized with Server-side pagination.
  • Remove irrelevant or less important information in Activity Feed on Home Page.
  • Add Server-side filter/sort/pagination functionality to Portfolio Index Page.
  • Add Server-Side filter/sort/pagination functionality to Template List/Index Page.
  • Project create process has been improved with our API v2.
  • Performance Improvement on Portfolio Show Page with API v2.
  • Performance Improvement on Portfolio Report Page with API v2.
  • Timeline component now allows users to click and pop up date details.


  • Tenancy now is correctly displayed in Google Map View in the Project Create Process.
  • Breadcrumb and Welcome font color now is black.
  • Footer information now is centered horizontally with black font color.
  • Blue underlines in the Master Head now is reflected correctly in different pages.Ï
  • Sprint Date has been updated to 2020.08.27