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Changelog 2020-09-10


  • Property List Page now have a loading spinner while the data is loading.
  • New Designed SignUp Page with mobile version.
  • New Designed SignIn Page with mobile version.
  • New Designed Password Reset Page with mobile version.
  • New Morning Briefing works from Monday to Friday showing number of ahead & behind tasks.
  • Documents under conditions/projects/tenant/properties/ledgers now is in a list with filtering function.
  • Home page project & task should redirect to related index page with filter applied.
  • User registered by an invitation link now should be redirected to the project after successful SignUp.


  • Template Task Edit Modal: set ‘copied to roles’ to null by default.
  • Template Task Edit Modal: won’t add same roles twice to spectators.
  • Footer Font Size now is larger.
  • All portfolio report now is able to filter opened or all projects.
  • Project show page workflow tab progress tab fixed.
  • Documents download function fixed.