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Changelog 2020-12-10


  • Project team member page refreshed with new and clear logic.
  • Add pagination and sorting functionality to the Template list page.
  • Add loading spinner to template deleting functionality.
  • Refresh Team Member Tab logic in Template Show page with searching functionality for roles.
  • Add Template Owners Page to Template Show Page.
  • Project Creation Process: Portfolios is now paginated.
  • Template Graph is now in Top to Bottom mode by default.


  • Fix New Retail Workflow Template  and New Commercial Workflow Template in template list page.
  • Fix errors in edits phases and tasks in Template show page.
  • Project Creation Process: fix errors in Task Reschedule Tab.
  • Fix errors in Task Edit page with new designed component.
  • Template Show Page: click on Start New Project will direct user to Tenancy Step in project create process.
  • Fix project show page null seating area error.
  • Fix Template duplication  functionality.