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Changelog 31-10-2019


  • Reference to ‘projected due at’ added to details list on task insights page
  • When trying to close a task with ‘open’ parents, a warning modal will appear and tell you which parents are still open
  • BETA: columns for ‘fitout period’ and ‘expected opening date’ added to Portfolio Lease table
  • BETA: phases in workflow visual on Portfolio Report page are clickable
  • Tenancy Number/ Reference (usually the shop number) has been added to the subject line of notification emails


  • ‘Sort by’ method for tasks on project workflow changed to sort by scheduled date as a default
  • Undoing a ‘completed’ condition clears it’s ‘completed at’ date


  • Reference to ‘starts at’ on details list on task insight page
  • Reference to ‘status’ on details list on project insight page
  • Removed ability to tag non-admin users on project correspondence


  • On the project team invite modal ‘x’ button in header closes the modal
  • On the task team invite modal ‘x’ button in header closes the modal
  • Newly invited (unregistered) user details not displaying in the ‘invites’ section on a project team
  • Closed incomplete tasks not displaying the ! icon on task rows
  • Key date status not showing as behind if the key date is in the past
  • Grandchildren replies were being hidden on correspondence pages
  • Open incomplete condition status colour not showing as grey (neutral) colour
  • Tasks closed with zero conditions (complete & closed tasks) were communicating that they were incomplete to phases and key dates