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How are your tasks and projects tracking? A look at Status in TCPinpoint

In April 2019 we released a number of updates including some major structural work under the hood, along with some minor adjustments to the user interface, and some clarification and improvement in the Status Indicators. The biggest change you will see is within the status icons.

What is the status?

Status tells you one version of the truth about any resource at any given time in your tasks and projects and shows you how they are tracking. Each condition, task, phase, key date and project has a status.

Where does it show up?

Status is indicated by an icon next to the title of each resource. This will tell you if your resource is ahead or behind, complete or incomplete, and open or closed. Each resource has a different set of rules on how its status is determined – whether it is complete or incomplete, open or closed and ahead or behind schedule.

What does it look like?

Each status is a circle and is colour coded, grey, green or red. You can check out an example of each of the status icons below in our reference chart.

Each of these icons will help you know where you are at with your project and if you are on track or a little behind.

To learn more about status icons and colours, read the full ‘status’ article on our knowledge base.

Status Icons Reference Chart