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Document Management

TCPinpoint’s document management system is based on two main libraries: property libraries and project libraries. In this article, we cover how to upload and download documents, how to find them in the folder structure, and how permissions and notifications are set.

Uploading Documents

There are two places documents can be uploaded:

  1. To a task, by a user who has permission or authority on that task;
  2. To a property library, by a property administrator.

Finding Documents

There are a few different ways to find documents:

  • Property level documents can be found in:
    • Property Libraries, and
    • In the ‘Documents’ tab at Property Level
  • Project level documents can be found in:
    • Correspondence or Conditions tab within a Task folder
    • Documents tab at Project Level

Project Libraries

Project Libraries are under the ‘documents’ tab in individual project workspaces. They contain folders that relate to phases and tasks of the project in question, which are generated from the template. Task-level permissions carry across to folders and documents in project libraries; if a user does not have permissions for the task, they will not be able to access documents associated with that task. Each project library will have one folder that is not project/template specific, which is the ‘property’ folder – this contains documents relevant to the project that have been shared from the ‘property library’.

Project Libraries are structured as follows:

  • Phase folders
    • Task folders
  • Property Folder

Property Libraries

Property Libraries are found under the ‘documents’ tab in individual property workspaces. Only property administrators may upload documents to the property library; documents uploaded will be visible to anyone who starts a project on this property. It’s important to note that Property Pages and Property Library Documents are public to anyone who starts or joins a project under your property.

Viewing Documents

The ‘document view’ page is the page dedicated to a single document. Here, you will find the following:

  • Document Toolbar
    • Download document
  • Document Preview (for certain file types)
  • Document Details (Insights)
    • Belongs To
    • Document Type
    • Project Name
    • Created By (User)
    • Date Created
    • Date Updated
    • File Size
  • Permissions
    • Shows users that have access to this document
  • Activity
    • Shows all activity on the specific document within that task

Downloading Documents

You can download documents to your computer in a number of different ways:

  • From Document view: click ‘download to desktop’
  • From Task view: click ‘zip and download all’. You will be prompted to select the documents you wish to download, and then click ‘download x documents’
  • From the Property Document Library: click ‘zip and download all’. You will be prompted to select the documents you wish to download, and then click ‘download x documents’

Documents will retain their original file names and extensions when downloaded.

Document Permissions

If you don’t have permissions for or authority to a document, you cannot see it or perform any actions against it.

If you do have permissions for a document, you may perform any action against it. Note that all actions you take on a document will be recorded in that document’s Activity Feed

Tip: if you can’t find a document, it may be because you do not have permission to it’s parent task. Contact your Project Creator or Project Administrator to seek clarification and request permission.

Read about people and permissions to find out more.

How are permissions assigned?

  • Project Document Permissions are inherited from their parent task.
  • Property Document Permissions are given to all user on active projects on that property, independent of roles and authority.

Another way to think about it…

  • Task-based permissions: if you are assigned or copied to a task, you will see a document and its associated task
  • Authority: if you have project admin or project creator authority, you will see all documents and associated tasks on a project
  • Project-based permissions: if a document has been uploaded to a property, it will be made visible to all team members on all projects on that property
Tip: if a property is in the TCPinpoint database, anyone may create a project on that property and gain access to property level documents – keep this in mind if you’re a project administrator.

How am I notified about document changes?

  • Activity Feeds: all documents have their own activity feed, which will show the 10 most recent activities for the document in question. As per ‘activity feed rules’, you will only see activities for which you have permission.
  • Notifications: You will receive a notification for activity on documents that you are party to.
  • Emails: You will receive an email when a document is uploaded to a task you are party to.