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May 2018 Release Announcement

May was a big month for TCPinpoint: we conducted a round of user research interviews, streamlined our development processes, implemented a live chat and helpdesk, and began prototyping a more feature-rich version of the document management system. We also worked on heaps and heaps of fixes and improvements within the platform, which cumulated in a sprint to release at the end of May.

Global Search

The biggest new feature is the Search facility, which is available globally in the header. Typing your keywords and hitting ‘search’ will open a search panel, where you can see results grouped by type. You can also navigate through your recent searches, and clear your search history.

Gannt Charts

We’re working on giving you better ways to visualise your progress and so have introduced a Gantt chart view to project workflows. You can find this by navigating to your project, and under ‘workflows’ find ‘view as’ > ‘Gantt’.

Navigation and Experience

Your experience of the application is always a priority, so we’ve been working on small changes to make your experience better and more intuitive. On project and property pages, you can now choose to ‘show 10/20/50/100’ rows on the one page, rather than having to navigate through page numbers. We’ve added phone numbers to ‘people’ cards, which you can find by hovering over a person’s name in a project or task. We’ve also added a loading animation to provide feedback to users when a display is loading.

As is the case with many modern web applications, the TCPinpoint web application has a few issues in Internet Explorer. If you’re using an outdated or incompatible browser, such as Internet Explorer, you will now see an orange banner encouraging you to download Edge, Firefox or Chrome.

More Help and Support

In line with our dedication to increased support, we have added a live chat widget to every page, and information bubbles on various cards within the app. These information bubbles provide tool-tips for quick reference on hover.

This was a big update with a large number of bug fixes and improvements. See the full changelog for the May 2018 update.