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September 2018 Release


Diary Entries on Tasks

  • Users can add ‘diary entries’ to tasks
  • Users can @mention other users in diary entries
  • Users are prompted to leave a diary entry when closing tasks

Email Notifications

  • Users receive email when someone replies to their diary entry
  • Users receive email when they receive a private message
  • Users receive email when a document is uploaded to a task they are party to
  • Users receive email when a task they are party to is closed
  • Users receive email when when they are @mentioned in a diary entry

Activity and Notifications

  • Contextual activity feed widgets on user dashboard, property show, project show, task show and document show
  • Global navigation item for Notifications added
  • Global Notifications nav item shows 10 most recent activity feed items (clickable) for all contexts when clicked
  • Global Notifications nav item highlights red when there are unread notifications

User Interface

  • Icons added to workspace tabs in project show and template show


  • Users can add custom property in project create



  • Task edit – removed ability to change task name in active project
  • Task edit – removed ability to override task date in active project
  • Rent fields removed from project create and project show

Team Members

  • Duplicate Tenancy Coordinator roles removed from Role dropdown choices

Template Create

  • Removed Reports tab from template builder



  • Project Document Library – phase folders appearing out of order
  • Project Document Library – ‘No phases’ found issue
  • Project Insights – Project Completeness graph phases appearing out of order


  • Project Document Library – documents not appearing
  • JPEG document preview issue

Other Bugs and Issues

  • Search facility bugs
  • Task assignment bugs
  • Dashboard cards and links bugs
  • Task close bugs
  • Template create bugs
  • Project Creator task not actionable
  • Project duplicates in projects list on template show
  • Hover behavior when direct messaging people from sidebar cards
  • Font Awesome icon errors


  • ‘Comments’ facility changed to ‘diary entries’
  • Task close behaviour – ‘close’ or ‘close and leave a diary entry’
  • Order of Workspace Tabs: 1. workflows/project list 2. documents 3. team members 4.insights
  • Breadcrumbs – reinstated link to Property
  • Slipping projects represented by orange status circle
  • Task Edit on active project – users can copy team members on active task by name
  • Global navigation item for tasks re-introduced
  • Project Insights shows name of template used
  • Project Insights shows property location map
  • Permissions widgets – items rolled up
  • Active users receive emails for the following 5 events only: private message, @mention, reply to diary entry, task close, document uploaded.