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August 2018 Release Product Updates Announcement

Over the last few months, we’ve been listening closely to TCPinpoint users about their needs for property delivery process software. We’ve also been talking to other web software users about what they do and don’t like about popular document management systems, project management platforms and online communication tools. This research was processed and taken through design and into development for our latest software release, which focussed on stabilising what users love, stripping back some of the lesser-used features, and adding functionality in the template builder, the project creator, the workspaces and on the dashboard.

New Feature

Milestone Phases and Deadline Date Tracking

One of the most highly requested features rolling out in this release is the ability to track the progress of a project against specified milestone dates. Nominating milestone phases and setting fixed deadlines means that once a project is up and running, you will be able to track the health of your project by how many days ahead or behind schedule it is. This allows you to better prioritise your team’s workload and ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget.



Improved Feature

Document Management

We’re acutely aware of how important documentation is to the property industry, and how projects can be compromised when documentation is left in top drawers, on laptops and across multiple storage solutions. Mis-managed documentation can affect project security, project progress, and historical data. After extensive reviews, we’ve reworked the TCPinpoint document management system to better reflect the needs of TCP users and to solve common document management problems, using a task-based filing and retrieval system.

New Feature

Dashboard Insights

The TCPinpoint user dashboard has been redesigned to provide quick insights into your workload and your projects’ health, with visual indicators and quick links that guide you towards the most pressing tasks and projects.

Improved Feature

Clarified Permissions

The way permissions are set and communicated is now stronger, with a defined Authority system and role-based assignment to tasks. Project Creators and Administrators have more control than ever before on what resources are available to whom, and that is reflected in the ‘permissions’ card in the sidebar of every project, task and document – so you can see at a glance who can access and edit each item.

New Feature

Tabbed Layouts in Workspaces

Detailed workflows and extensive document records are a big part of managing property projects, which can make TCPinpoint Project Pages very information-rich! To make these pages easier to navigate, we’ve separated workflow and documents into separate tabs, and added tabs for insights and team members to help you find the information you need as you land on the project page.


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Other Changes

For the full list of additions, edits and updates to the TCPinpoint web application, read the changelog.
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We hope you love the changes we’ve implemented in this release, and as always, we really appreciate and encourage feedback. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments regarding the August 2018 release, or just to chat to us about property industry process management and software!