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Changelog 2019.05.30

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  • NW-33 permitted users can re-open a closed task
  • NW-56 line in the task diary indicating when a task was closed
  • NW-690 “Project Groups” are “Portfolios”
  • NW-703 Every “resource_show” screen has insights
  • NW-738 ‘undismiss’ a condition
  • NW-926 News Feed highlight on comment lines
  • NW-928 Rewrite API calls to use AWS Amplify
  • NW-943 Task page UX/UI improvements
  • NW-986 Document Preview handles more filetypes
  • NW-987 Redirect users attempting to access condition urls to the task url
  • NW-988 Ability to markup an image to leave comments for other users
  • NW-989 Project team members’ mobile phone numbers accessible from the Team Member tab
  • NW-993 Match production web to match database changes

Defects Fixed

  • NW-719 Adding users to resource permission should reload the resource immediately
  • NW-784 Unable to choose a suburb in the address field when starting a project – for the address of the Tenant.
  • NW-799 “startedByUser” project attribute does not seem to be working
  • NW-808 Reformatting required on the Permissions resource across all pages
  • NW-857 Project page Activity feeds defects
  • NW-860 Filtering Projects – ‘unknown’ label
  • NW-866 Archive feature isn’t working as it should
  • NW-874 Document delete button is missing
  • NW-884 User name (actor) on a met yes/no condition is not showing up in the condition row
  • NW-888 The ‘Started By Me’ Filter via the Projects list isn’t working as it should
  • NW-889 Team Members tab performance issues
  • NW-892 Clicking on the Building name on the Building tab on this property caused grey screen
  • NW-917 Those Projects that I’ve previously trashed, the Tasks still seem to be sitting in my ‘Task’ list
  • NW-929 Missing breadcrumb link on Task page
  • NW-932 The ‘OK” button the edit Task function isn’t working as it should
  • NW-939 Initial icons throwing a weird example of initials
  • NW-946 Restore IE11 support
  • NW-950 Cannot edit expiry dates on documents
  • NW-964 Document uploading performance issues
  • NW-978 Project create fails when base rent is null
  • NW-981 Editing a Task modal: The ability to ‘copy to’ someone has disappeared
  • NW-995 The News Feed on the dashboard not loading
  • NW-996 Team Members on a Portfolio: as Users are added to Projects on a Portfolio their name, role company and mobile needs to be listed on the Team Members’ Portfolio page
  • NW-997 Starting a new project: I clicked on ‘Start My Project’, the thinking wheel went through, the first page I saw was back was the final stage of starting a project page
  • NW-1004 Team Members on all Resources are not showing
  • NW-1008 I’m the project admin, but I don’t have permissions for all tasks
  • NW-1010 Inconsistencies between conditions on task page and condition info in task row datapoints
  • NW-1012 Project folder datapoints are showing wacky data for non-document conditions/ dismissed conditions

September 2018 Release

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Diary Entries on Tasks

  • Users can add ‘diary entries’ to tasks
  • Users can @mention other users in diary entries
  • Users are prompted to leave a diary entry when closing tasks

Email Notifications

  • Users receive email when someone replies to their diary entry
  • Users receive email when they receive a private message
  • Users receive email when a document is uploaded to a task they are party to
  • Users receive email when a task they are party to is closed
  • Users receive email when when they are @mentioned in a diary entry

Activity and Notifications

  • Contextual activity feed widgets on user dashboard, property show, project show, task show and document show
  • Global navigation item for Notifications added
  • Global Notifications nav item shows 10 most recent activity feed items (clickable) for all contexts when clicked
  • Global Notifications nav item highlights red when there are unread notifications

User Interface

  • Icons added to workspace tabs in project show and template show


  • Users can add custom property in project create



  • Task edit – removed ability to change task name in active project
  • Task edit – removed ability to override task date in active project
  • Rent fields removed from project create and project show

Team Members

  • Duplicate Tenancy Coordinator roles removed from Role dropdown choices

Template Create

  • Removed Reports tab from template builder



  • Project Document Library – phase folders appearing out of order
  • Project Document Library – ‘No phases’ found issue
  • Project Insights – Project Completeness graph phases appearing out of order


  • Project Document Library – documents not appearing
  • JPEG document preview issue

Other Bugs and Issues

  • Search facility bugs
  • Task assignment bugs
  • Dashboard cards and links bugs
  • Task close bugs
  • Template create bugs
  • Project Creator task not actionable
  • Project duplicates in projects list on template show
  • Hover behavior when direct messaging people from sidebar cards
  • Font Awesome icon errors


  • ‘Comments’ facility changed to ‘diary entries’
  • Task close behaviour – ‘close’ or ‘close and leave a diary entry’
  • Order of Workspace Tabs: 1. workflows/project list 2. documents 3. team members 4.insights
  • Breadcrumbs – reinstated link to Property
  • Slipping projects represented by orange status circle
  • Task Edit on active project – users can copy team members on active task by name
  • Global navigation item for tasks re-introduced
  • Project Insights shows name of template used
  • Project Insights shows property location map
  • Permissions widgets – items rolled up
  • Active users receive emails for the following 5 events only: private message, @mention, reply to diary entry, task close, document uploaded.

August 2018 Release

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Read the Announcement Post


  • Authorities added with appropriate permissions: property administrator, project owner, project administrator, project party
  • Documents can be pinned to project library to indicate their importance
  • In project create, users are asked for dates for phases marked as milestones in the template
  • Phase and task-based folders added to project libraries
  • Project Libraries display documents by what tasks and phases they were uploaded to
  • Project ‘business days over/under’ status indicator has been added to project header, in reference to milestone dates set by the project and the templates
  • Project workflows display text ‘mine’ for tasks user is responsible for
  • Project workflows display text ‘cc’ for tasks user is copied on
  • Status indicator displays as per waterfall based on vital phase status
  • Template Lookup on Project Create screen now displays the kind of template, the date it was created and the user who created it
  • Template Builder, Project Create and Project Workspace now include sidebar widget linking to appropriate knowledge base help articles
  • Users can define whether a phase is a ‘milestone phase’
  • Users can now edit template descriptions and tags
  • Documents may only be uploaded by project parties to tasks within projects
  • Documents may only be uploaded to properties by property administrators
  • Tabbed views on project and property pages
  • ‘Activities’ are created after an action on a resource
  • Activity feed widgets on all resources display all activities relevant to that feed and that users’ permissions
  • Allow Users to create or select a predefined message to send when closing a task
  • Permissions widget in resource sidebars displaying who has what permissions


  • Removed Approvals button on document preview page
  • Approvals UI has been retired
  • Inspections UI has been retired
  • Tenancies UI has been retired
  • Ledgers UI has been retired
  • Leases UI has been retired
  • Notifications from task create in template builder removed


  • Ledgers cannot be created without a name
  • When building out a new Project, interface shows the ‘Trading As’ name, not the Lessor name
  • Properties are not fixed to project kind
  • Template View accurately reflects which projects the template has been applied to – in ‘projects’ sidebar widget
  • Issue with people not assigning to new projects resolved
  • Users can log in to a single account on multiple devices concurrently
  • User is forced to re-login after their session expires
  • Fixed Loading state error when reopening task
  • Users with no authority or permissions for any tasks on a project cannot view that project
  • Fixed issue with dragging phases in template builder
  • Phone number not being recorded against tentant when unput on the project create


  • Only project owner or administrator can invite people to project (project parties)
  • Property library user interface updated
  • Project library user interface updated
  • Phases in the templated builder are fixed – they can be added but not deleted
  • Project Create no longer uses modals – users are presented with all options without being taken out of the form
  • User Interface and Experience improvements on Project Create sections to clearly show which sections are complete and incomplete
  • Creating a tenancy in project create now only asks questions relevant to the kind of project being created
  • The first action in Project Create is to select the template
  • Templates are tagged with ‘kind’ depending on initial selection, which informs fields on project create
  • Role-based permissions updated
  • A document that a user does not have permissions for is not visible to that user
  • A task that a user does not have permissions for is visible to that user but not clickable
  • Header banner cards on document, task, property and project page is now full-width
  • Internal reference in Project Create is now a non-mandatory field
  • Marking a Task as complete : change words from ‘Ok’ to “Mark this Task as Complete” – and add a button that says ‘Take me back to my Project’.
  • Templates now have pre-created phases and milestone status based on kind selected
  • Filter/Sort UI Simplified
  • User can choose to CC roles on task in template builder
  • Template graph restored

May 2018 Release

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Read the announcement post


  • Added phone number to ‘People’ hover cards
  • Added a ‘Start Project’ task to every Project
  • Added orange Banner to warn users using an outdated browser
  • Added Completed date to Project Details Card
  • Added Gantt Chart to Project List View
  • Added help text to ‘Assigned To’ on new Task form
  • Added help text to Dependency selection to warn users about not selecting a Dependency
  • Added help text to Description of Conditions
  • Added help text to Description on new Task form
  • Added help text to Name in Condition
  • Added help text to new Phase form
  • Added transition to after new Project is created
  • Allowed Users to increase the number of items in a List
  • Enabled UI so Users to Print Workflow Templates & all associated info (Role, Time, Conditions, Dependencies etc)
  • Implemented Analytics with real-data
  • Implemented Google Graphs
  • Implemented Global Search
  • Live Chat feature
  • Product Updates widget on dashboard


  • Removed ‘Show All’ button on Project Document Library
  • Removed ‘opening scheduled’ and ‘projected’ from project details card
  • Removed buttons that add merge fields to Notifications
  • Removed Description on new Phase form
  • Removed Import/Export from Template
  • Removed Kind from new Task form
  • Removed option to add short messages to new Notifications
  • Removed Workflow ‘kind’ choice from edit modal
  • Removed option for ‘Sharing Tasks’
  • Removed words that auto appear from the previous phase when adding a new phase in the workflow template
  • Removed Required flag on Condition


  • Starting a New Project – choosing from the list of Tenancies causes an error.
  • Amending Templates – clicking on any Template goes to a blank page.
  • Approve button on ledger not working
  • Leaving Comments on Tasks
  • Changing Task Title
  • Closed Tasks not showing as Closed on the front end workflow list
  • Project View Bread Crumb – taking user to blank screen
  • Document Library Expired Notice Clipping
  • Editing Tenant button – taking user to blank screen or loading state
  • Editing a ledger – adjusting the Capped value not saving
  • File Download – files need to keep their original file name
  • New Template button
  • Library JPEGs and PNGs not previewing
  • Missing Notifications
  • Phone number not being recorded despite it being put in when creating the Tenant
  • Project list on Template page not updating
  • Rent payment not being recorded despite being put in when creating the Tenant
  • Roles aren’t assigning to Tasks straight away
  • Starting a new Template – blank screen after adding first phase and task
  • Template – phases and tasks disappearing
  • User Card not appearing on User lists on Tasks
  • Comment emails aren’t being delivered
  • Gantt Chart on Lease page clips Lessee name
  • Comments on tasks – not sending or saving
  • User can’t use the ‘X’ to close window pop up
  • Overdue status being incorrectly calculated


  • Users can see a list of all their Tasks on the dashboard
  • Show current year on all dates
  • Documents on dashboard defaulted to list view
  • Enabled user to delete Ledger line items
  • Users can Delete Notifications in Templates
  • Users can Delete tasks from Phases
  • Users can Delete Tasks in Templates
  • Validation works on new Condition item
  • Validation works on new Notification form
  • Validation works on new Task form
  • Workflow templates can be downloaded as a PDF
  • Indicate Project Complete Status
  • Instructions can be Issued before Project starts
  • Notifications and Conditions dependent on Dependency being added to Task
  • Messages grouped by Project
  • Re-implemented property plans
  • Rent calculations updated to annual (from weekly)
  • Users resturned to the Task after Updating (not Project)
  • Language ‘Closed’ changed to ‘Archived’
  • Language ‘Centre’ changed to ‘Property’
  • Template Navigation Tool only accessible to Project administrator