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Changelog 2019-10-21

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  • Beta feature flag component added for displaying on beta components
  • Task insights tab shows a historical record of date changes to the task in a table view (beta)


  • Date, Yes/No and Accept conditions cannot be actioned on a closed task


  • Email “receipts” that notify the user about their own actions


  • Building page on a Property displays list of projects related to tenancies in that building
  • Document owners can change the title of a document
  • Project Lists can be filtered by ahead, behind and archived
  • Project Status widget on homepage data points click through to a filtered list
  • Closing a Task without comment should not post a blank comment in the correspondence list
  • Files can be dragged and dropped onto a Document Upload button
  • Project List ‘completed in’ data point shows the number of days the project took to complete


  • Emails related to projects contain reference to Project Name, Tenancy Number and Property Name
  • Users on task can use @team to notify everyone on a task
  • Email notifications for @mentions are clipped to 30 characters

Changelog 2019.08.22

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New/ Improved

  • Task diary renamed to ‘correspondence’
  • Project Create Wizard user experience improvements
  • NW-1373 Provide a number of behind tasks on a project to determine project “at risk” status
  • NW-1335 Beta Features should have BETA flags on global navigation
  • NW-1311 As a user I need to be able to access ledgers that have been shared to me
  • NW-1310 Allow user to define project kind separate from tenancy (food, specialty etc)
  • NW-1290 Create new lease from Property Show
  • NW-1286 Orange styles for ‘at risk’ – status colours CSS using at_risk attribute
  • NW-1285 Add “at risk” and “reason at risk” to project attributes
  • NW-1271 Added the Sunburst Component in portfolio #Insights (beta)
  • NW-1269 As a user I want to see the name of the Project an email notification refers to in the email notification header and body of text
  • NW-1233 Show the email address where the project invite was sent now that we don’t ask for Name details
  • NW-273 As a project admin I want to be able to edit my lease data on a project in-flight
  • NW-244 As an Authority User I want to be able to edit my lease details
  • NW-190 As a team member, I want to be able to upload documents to a task that aren’t related to conditions
  • NW-68 As a team member, I want to be able to cancel a document upload in progress

Defects Resolved

  • NW-1425 Some task rows in users’ active tasks list were not referencing project name and property name
  • NW-1404 Uploading documents not completing conditions
  • NW-1400 Errors when uploading documents to task diary
  • NW-1387 OS X in night mode fades out labels in signup
  • NW-1368 ‘Add a file from your computer’ z index
  • NW-1344 ‘x’ button not working when starting a project to remove date already inputted
  • NW-1322 Task lists: old tasks from removed projects appear to still be showing in User’s Tasks list
  • NW-1320 Diary notes are not showing in chronological order and new diary notes are being left at the top of the page, instead of the bottom
  • NW-1315 The ‘x’ at the Tenancy step of the project create screen does not work, user can not cancel out of this Tenancy
  • NW-1304 Invitation hangovers still occurring on the Project Team Member tab even when a Team Member has accepted the invitation
  • NW-1301 Name of project is still not referencing on email notifications
  • NW-1300 The ability to remove Users from a Task seems to be missing
  • NW-1299 Team Member was removed as from Project but still showing as Responsible / Spectators on Tasks
  • NW-1298 I chose to close this comment ‘without comment’ and the system added a blank comment anyway
  • NW-1270 When viewing the Property documents via a Project Documents tab, previously deleted Property documents are still showing on the front end when viewed through the Project Documents tab
  • NW-1254 Previewing images isn’t working as it should
  • NW-1229 List the PROJECT NAME on email notifications
  • NW-1188 ‘You’ve been added’ email showing an error on the project name
  • NW-1177 When starting a project and choosing ‘Existing Tenancy’ the field relating to Tenancy Kind is missing
  • NW-1154 Task permission icons seem to have gone amiss … showing different icons for what should be ‘Mine’
  • NW-1121 Email notifications when a parent task is closed ready for the dependent task user to be notified not sending
  • NW-819 When a document doesn’t upload completely, no error messages are thrown
  • NW-728 Closing Tasks isn’t updating the ‘My Tasks’ number on the dashboard or Task list


Changelog 2019.07.01

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New/ Improved

  • NW-1246 List email addresses on team member invites on project show page
  • NW-1236 Optimise the API router path by adding :id
  • NW-1146 Reinstate ‘share’ button in template header toolbar
  • NW-1142 Users can upload non-condition related documents to task diaries
  • NW-1077 Team Member roles on the Task Page show their role under their name

Defects Resolved

  • NW-1265 Invalid lease stopping project from being trashed
  • NW-1243 Archiving projects not working
  • NW-1227 Can’t remove items from list groups in template
  • NW-1197 Email notifications still being sent after team members were removed from a project
  • NW-1194 Document link previews
  • NW-1193 Trash project button not working as it should.
  • NW-1190 Task page status colour is not truly reflective of ahead / behind status
  • NW-1182 Task row statistics – conditions aren’t reflecting true status
  • NW-1181 Close task pop up modal is missing the words leave diary entry / don’t leave diary entry
  • NW-1173 When a User is removed from a project, they need to be removed from their Tasks
  • NW-1169 Team Member contact information is not showing on some tasks
  • NW-1164 Permissions issues
  • NW-1151 This Project should show as over due given the Key Date is showing as over due
  • NW-1133 Comment activity is not showing on the task lines of the project page

Changelog 2019.06.03

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  • NW-1037 Phone numbers and email addresses on team member rows view-able by admins only
  • NW-1047 Global navigation in Masthead should highlight active item
  • NW-1088 As a User I’d like to see the first 25 words in the email notification that I’ve been @messaged about in TCP.
  • NW-1090 Task rows should use ListGroupItem component
  • NW-1098 Issue email to user when a condition changes on a task they are responsible for
  • NW-1100 Features should be able to be turned on and off for users
  • NW-590 A User should be able to reset their password
  • NW-595 A user should be able to sign in with a username and password
  • NW-820 “On a mobile, I want to access my project list”
  • NW-821 “On a mobile, I want to click into a project and see my tasks”
  • NW-831 When accessing a template I’d like to ‘copy as’ and rename it to another Template to make changes and roll out on another project / property
  • NW-841 Deleting a Task in a workflow template needs an ‘are you sure’ question before proceeding.
  • NW-921 Allow users to delete templates
  • NW-967 As a user I want to be able to see who has read & downloaded documents and when
  • NW-971 Starting new projects: Tenant screen (Step 4) please add a Tenant contact line here
  • NW-1036 Aconex Integration Functional Spec
  • NW-1038 Lease tenancy number should display in header
  • NW-1039 Released portfolio feature to develop branch
  • NW-1040 “Create new portfolio” functionality
  • NW-1043 Change ‘forgotten your password’ language to ‘reset password’ language on login screen
  • NW-1085 Template Tests
  • NW-1095 Permissions widget needs a scroll bar for when the list is getting very long.
  • NW-1107 “Task page: please swap the tabs on the task page to show Diary first, then Conditions.”
  • NW-1116 Key Dates Unclickable by anyone but the Project Administrator
  • NW-261 Review caching issues – how can we ensure the cache is cleared when updates go through?
  • NW-484 Mobile View: Project listings
  • NW-485 Mobile view: Task Listings
  • NW-486 Mobile View: Project workflow list – as for Tasks Lists – reformatting to enable one view across the width of the phone view
  • NW-487 Mobile view: Task page view. Enable Title of Task to be at the top of the page view
  • NW-774 “In project lists, projects should be listed by project then property”
  • NW-844 When someone is added to a Project, they need to receive an email saying “”x”” has added you to ‘y’ project on ‘z’ property. Log in here to access this project.
  • NW-872 Add a Tenant Representative contact name field to the Tenant step in the project workflow process.
  • NW-951 Issue email to user when they are @mentioned
  • NW-952 Issue email to user when their comment is replied to
  • NW-953 Issue email to user when they are added to a new project (existing users)
  • NW-954 Issue email to user when someone comments on a task they are responsible for
  • NW-955 Issue email to user when the last parent of a task they own is closed

Resolved Defects

  • NW-1016 Role selection in a template Team Member tab isn’t sticking.
  • NW-1017 Please enable the Suburb/Town field to work in the starting new project Step 4 – Tenant page.
  • NW-1019 “When in the project diary and trying to @ mention a fellow project administrator, their names are not in the drop down list.”
  • NW-1066 Project Page should load portfolios independently
  • NW-1079 Login failed on Microsoft Edge
  • NW-1083 As Project Creator I can’t click on these tasks when I should be able to
  • NW-1097 Team Member access to this Task has not been applied
  • NW-1103 PDF preview icons out of whack across this release
  • NW-1105 Document History not reflecting User’s name who read / downloaded
  • NW-1110 The Filter Tasks by ‘Yours’ or others is not working as it should
  • NW-1111 The number view in the Document folder view appears to be misaligned
  • NW-1112 The ability to remove / resend invitations has been lost on the Project Team Member page.
  • NW-1114 The phone numbers for the Team Members on a project have disappeared. Please reinstate.
  • NW-784 I’m unable to choose a suburb in the address field when starting a project – for the address of the Tenant.
  • NW-835 Address auto picker not working on starting a new project – putting in tenant’s address.
  • NW-843 Iam unable to click on any task that I have permission to and view the task page
  • NW-850 “Navigation bar: The highlighter seems to be stuck under Projects’ – whether I’m on the Home page, the Templates, Properties or Tasks page”
  • NW-958 iPad view lost global header.
  • NW-983 This email notification went to a User who is not a party to the Task. Please review.
  • NW-991 Key Dates: not connecting to the right Tasks.

Changelog 2019.05.30

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  • NW-33 permitted users can re-open a closed task
  • NW-56 line in the task diary indicating when a task was closed
  • NW-690 “Project Groups” are “Portfolios”
  • NW-703 Every “resource_show” screen has insights
  • NW-738 ‘undismiss’ a condition
  • NW-926 News Feed highlight on comment lines
  • NW-928 Rewrite API calls to use AWS Amplify
  • NW-943 Task page UX/UI improvements
  • NW-986 Document Preview handles more filetypes
  • NW-987 Redirect users attempting to access condition urls to the task url
  • NW-988 Ability to markup an image to leave comments for other users
  • NW-989 Project team members’ mobile phone numbers accessible from the Team Member tab
  • NW-993 Match production web to match database changes

Defects Fixed

  • NW-719 Adding users to resource permission should reload the resource immediately
  • NW-784 Unable to choose a suburb in the address field when starting a project – for the address of the Tenant.
  • NW-799 “startedByUser” project attribute does not seem to be working
  • NW-808 Reformatting required on the Permissions resource across all pages
  • NW-857 Project page Activity feeds defects
  • NW-860 Filtering Projects – ‘unknown’ label
  • NW-866 Archive feature isn’t working as it should
  • NW-874 Document delete button is missing
  • NW-884 User name (actor) on a met yes/no condition is not showing up in the condition row
  • NW-888 The ‘Started By Me’ Filter via the Projects list isn’t working as it should
  • NW-889 Team Members tab performance issues
  • NW-892 Clicking on the Building name on the Building tab on this property caused grey screen
  • NW-917 Those Projects that I’ve previously trashed, the Tasks still seem to be sitting in my ‘Task’ list
  • NW-929 Missing breadcrumb link on Task page
  • NW-932 The ‘OK” button the edit Task function isn’t working as it should
  • NW-939 Initial icons throwing a weird example of initials
  • NW-946 Restore IE11 support
  • NW-950 Cannot edit expiry dates on documents
  • NW-964 Document uploading performance issues
  • NW-978 Project create fails when base rent is null
  • NW-981 Editing a Task modal: The ability to ‘copy to’ someone has disappeared
  • NW-995 The News Feed on the dashboard not loading
  • NW-996 Team Members on a Portfolio: as Users are added to Projects on a Portfolio their name, role company and mobile needs to be listed on the Team Members’ Portfolio page
  • NW-997 Starting a new project: I clicked on ‘Start My Project’, the thinking wheel went through, the first page I saw was back was the final stage of starting a project page
  • NW-1004 Team Members on all Resources are not showing
  • NW-1008 I’m the project admin, but I don’t have permissions for all tasks
  • NW-1010 Inconsistencies between conditions on task page and condition info in task row datapoints
  • NW-1012 Project folder datapoints are showing wacky data for non-document conditions/ dismissed conditions