12 December 2019 |

Changelog 2019-12-12

Added ‘Security’ icon added to project correspondence tab (tab view-able by project administrators only) Changed Ability to edit key dates in an open project has been temporarily disabledThe facility to ‘zip and… Read More

5 December 2019 |

Changelog 2019-12-05

Changed Documents in documents libraries list in in reverse chronological order (of upload date) in default viewPhone numbers are formatted idiomaticallyAddresses are formatted idiomaticallyDownload button on document collections has been removed until… Read More

14 November 2019 |

Changelog 2019-14-11

Changed Target size increased for dragging-and-dropping documentsUser interface feedback for dragging-and-dropping documents: dashed border appears on drag-over and disappears on drag-leave Removed Removed all references to ‘inspections’ Fixed Posting a comment in… Read More

31 October 2019 |

Changelog 31-10-2019

Added Reference to ‘projected due at’ added to details list on task insights pageWhen trying to close a task with ‘open’ parents, a warning modal will appear and tell you which parents… Read More

21 October 2019 |

Changelog 2019-10-21

Added Beta feature flag component added for displaying on beta componentsTask insights tab shows a historical record of date changes to the task in a table view (beta) Changed Date, Yes/No and… Read More

22 August 2019 |

Changelog 2019.08.22

New/ Improved Task diary renamed to ‘correspondence’ Project Create Wizard user experience improvements NW-1373 Provide a number of behind tasks on a project to determine project “at risk” status NW-1335 Beta Features… Read More

New/ Improved NW-1246 List email addresses on team member invites on project show page NW-1236 Optimise the API router path by adding :id NW-1146 Reinstate ‘share’ button in template header toolbar NW-1142… Read More