Features NW-1037 Phone numbers and email addresses on team member rows view-able by admins only NW-1047 Global navigation in Masthead should highlight active item NW-1088 As a User… Read More

Features NW-33 permitted users can re-open a closed task NW-56 line in the task diary indicating when a task was closed NW-690 “Project Groups” are “Portfolios” NW-703 Every “resource_show” screen has insights… Read More

1 September 2018 |

September 2018 Release

Added Diary Entries on Tasks Users can add ‘diary entries’ to tasks Users can @mention other users in diary entries Users are prompted to leave a diary entry when closing tasks Email… Read More

1 August 2018 |

August 2018 Release

Read the Announcement Post Added Authorities added with appropriate permissions: property administrator, project owner, project administrator, project party Documents can be pinned to project library to indicate their importance In project… Read More

31 May 2018 |

May 2018 Release

Read the announcement post Added Added phone number to ‘People’ hover cards Added a ‘Start Project’ task to every Project Added orange Banner to warn users using an outdated… Read More